Monday, August 5, 2013

Dallin turns 2!!

Dallin turned two!! I can't believe it- I feel like he is growing up even faster than Adelyn is! The morning of his birthday we went out to celebrate as a family and went to Jump street  which is actually where we went for his first birthday too! Thinking he'd love it again, we set off and to my surprise....he liked it for about the first 15 minutes and then was done...wah wah wah. I was disappointed  but he is going through a new phase where new locations can sometimes be overwhelming for him, which meant he was really clingy to me (which was ironic since I was the only one who shouldn't have really been bouncing on a trampoline). Oh well! He still had fun, but we didn't stay much longer than an hour.

That evening, my brothers and dad came over to celebrate with us and we had muenster cheese french toast (sounds weird but is delicious!) for dinner and cupcakes and ice cream. Dallin got "cars" figurines and "Winnie the pooh" figurines along with a Jake and the Never-land Pirates ship. My family got him a t ball set which was pretty funny because I think it entertained Jared, my brothers, and Dad, just as much as Dallin!! Boys never grow up I guess :)

  Mister Dallin brings so much joy into our home. He has such a sweet and entertaining personality! He always wants our family to be together and will freak out/ask when someone is missing, "where daddy go?". He still thinks that everything is funny and laughs more than I thought was possible for a child his size. Dallin is still a very determined boy and if it is important enough to get or accomplish something- he will find a way to do it. His vocabulary is doing leaps and bounds and it amazes me what this kid knows but hasn't necessarily shown us before now. He can sing the entire alphabet, count to 10, and knows TONS of songs that he just sings throughout the day. He loves singing primary songs and Disney songs. His favorite characters currently are Winnie the pooh (aka pooh bear), Lightning McQueen, Thomas trains, Pocahontas (or at least the soundtrack), and Mater. We are working on teaching him colors right now- although the only color that he tells us is pink- hmmm wonder why??? :). If Addie is picking out a flower for her hair, Dallin will come over and request a pink one as well- even if it isn't pink! Dallin repeats almost everything we say and has the best manners right now. He always says "please" and "no thanks" and will periodically tell everyone "sorry A EESE(Addie)" or "sorry daddy" even if he's done absolutely nothing wrong. We love this boy so much and are so glad he was sent to be apart of our family!

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