Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pirate Party

I'd never thrown Dallin a birthday party yet and figured this would be the year to do it! There was a HUGE baby boom the months before and after he was born- which were mostly boys- so there wasn't a shortage of friends to invite. Only trick was, we have so many friends in this ward it was hard not to invite everyone. I tend to hang out with people who have kids close to Addie's age- but not necessarily Dallin's age- so I really tried hard to invite kids that were close to Dallin's age, in hopes that he could get to know them better and that we could have more playdates specifically for him in the future. Anyway, enough of the ranting...he has been really into pirates lately and which worked out perfectly since that is relativity easy when you have pintrest at your fingertips!

I was really nervous about planning it all- I don't feel like that is my forte- but wanted to make it cute, cost effective, and fun for all the kids. We "walked the plank", dug up buried treasure, pinned the patch on the pirate, and put on pirate patches  I had things set up to go on a scavenger hunt- but it was just too humid outside I didn't want to drag anyone out there....and I was dying!! Oh! And check out Jared's awesome artistic skills! He totally free handed that poster of Jake the pirate! I asked him to draw it for me and look how great it turned out!!! I just can't bear to throw it away!

All in all, the kids seemed to have a good time, and Dallin and Addie thought the whole thing was super exciting. We were grateful to the friends for coming and giving Dallin such generous gifts- he's been loving them all! And thank you Kiya and Jared for grabbing the camera and taking pictures for me!!!

Happy birthday Dallin! I hope you had a great time!

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Chelsea said...

You did a great job, we had a lot of fun! And I meant to ask you about Jake, Jared definitely has some skills! :)