Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trip to the Temple

Jared gets every other Friday off and since it's an extra day to spend with him, and because our kids get cabin fever really quickly, we usually try and think of a fun place to go on those days. Typically, I have something in mind for that day- but last week I was drawing a definite blank. Thankfully, Jared had it covered and suggested we take a trip to the Mesa temple! What a wonderful  idea!! Somehow we'd never brought the kids there except two years ago to see the temple lights. I guess the idea of a 45 minute car ride each way has never sounded too enticing. But we were up for it in our new shnazy van, Rhonda the Honda, and it gave us an opportunity to visit the Urrutias who just moved in not far from there. Splendid!
I was actually really surprised at how well the kids enjoyed it. They really liked the Christ statue and when he started "talking" they thought that was so amazing. Dallin kept asking, "Jesus, mommy??" and Addie repetitively asked me if that was Jesus talking to us. They were pretty impressed. Adelyn also made the comment to me several times, "This is so great, Mom!". We unfortunately got there a little late and it was lunch time shortly after we got there, so we didn't stay for terribly long. But long enough to explore outside and snap some pictures. Then we started sweating to death and headed back to Rhonda for some stellar air conditioning!

Lunch was fun with the Urrutia's and we adults got some Costa Vida (very similar to Cafe Rio) while the kids got to play. They have three girls- two of which are twins!! It was nice to have the opportunity to see them again! :) But, boy things have changed since we didn't have kids- I swear we used to have uninterrupted conversations a long, long time ago!! ;-)
It was a great little trip- I'm so glad we went!

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Eric and Rozanne said...

Sounds like an awesome experience! Our kids sometimes surprise us at different times with things they understood that we didn't expect them to yet. It's great that your kids had such an awesome experience. I bet it was hard for you not to just jump in that pool at the temple. It looks so inviting! :)