Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jared's Flagstaff Hike

I mentioned in a previous post that Jared had been preparing for a hike he was doing on the tallest "mountain" in Arizona. I quote mountain because to us native Arizonan's- they are indeed mountains. However, for those who have lived in places like Utah- we merely have hills's an on going debate. :) Anyway, whatever you call it- Jared woke up at 4 am to drive 2 hours north with some buddies to go hike this particular location. This was several weeks ago, so I will try and recall the details about how it all went- Jared, sorry if I get it wrong!
There was a massive monsoon storm that night which made Jared nervous because if it's storming here, it's most likely storming worse there. Indeed it was, but despite the weather the group decided to hike it out anyways. Unfortunately,the night before, we were trying to save some money and instead of buying him a nice, rain repellent, wind blocker, warm jacket... We went off to Walmart and settled with a $5 poncho. Probably not the smartest move on our behalf...but kudos to Jared for having the attitude that "I would only use it once anyway". Gotta love that man!
He did great on the way up, but the higher he got the more nauseous he felt. Apparently you can feel light headed or worse (like some other guy that was having a serious hard time) when the altitude is something you aren't used to. I wish I could remember how high up this particular "mountain" was! But I guess he was REALLY close to the top- within eye sight- but then a huge clap of thunder sounded (the kind that make your hair stand up) and Jared decided it would be stupid to risk getting struck by lightning (which I am thankful he didn't risk his life!) but what a bummer that he couldn't officially say he "touched the top". 
The way down was harder for him than the way up. He didn't bring very substantial food besides oranges and some granola bars, so he was pretty tired. Also, it had been raining the entire time and freezing. Poor Jared had only a jacket with that lousy poncho on top. Then, to top it all off his foot rammed into some sharp rocks they were going down and he tripped and fell- scratching his hands and knees up and hurting his ankle. He was pretty sore :( but made it down the mountain in one piece after that! Thankfully, everyone returned safely and it was fun to look at the pictures he took after he got home! He was pretty wiped out for the remainder of the day, and I'm pretty sure he fell asleep at 7:15 that night. :) Yay for Jared hiking the highest point in Arizona!!!! You did a great job! :)

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