Thursday, October 24, 2013

Birthdays and Singing

This month is both Adelyn and my birthdays. Mine was a pretty low-key birthday (which is what I wanted this year), but Jared did a great job of making it special. For some reason, turning 25 weirded me out....only 5 years until I am 30??? Ahh! Crazy concept!
We did a party at the park for Addie this year. I felt bad because she REALLY wanted a party this year and we'd been talking about it for months and I had every intention of throwing her one. However, once I finished Dallin's party and realized it took WAY more work than anticipated and came to grips with the fact that Trevin would only be 3 weeks old by that point...I pretty much gave up on that idea. So, luckily she was content with the park idea. We invited some friends to come play with us and then had cupcakes. She and her friends had a good time and we were grateful they could come on such late notice (her birthday kinda crept up on me this year!) to celebrate with her. 

That evening we had my family over for Spaghetti (her dinner choice), presents and dessert. Addie had a good time and thought all her presents were great! Can't believe we have a 4 year's just nuts how fast the kids are growing up! We are sure happy she came to our family to balance all this boyness going on around here! I would be so sad to be the only girl in the house! She brings so much fanciness and tenderness to the family that we love having added to the family! Addie loves dressing up, picking flowers, playing with friends, and pretending. As always, she is often in her own little world, singing and living the life of pretend. She has had an interest in languages lately and so we've talked about Spanish and Italian and others. Wouldn't you know, she's informed me several times that she speaks princess- which is very tricky to do! ;) Adelyn is a great big sister and loves both her brothers and tries to keep them in check- particularly Dallin. She still loves dressing herself and fortunately her style has evolved over to the side of more "normal" instead of "unusual and unique" these past months. She has gotten really interested in trying out dance, ballet, ice skating, and gymnastics as of late so I'm pretty sure we'll have to sign her up for at least one of those classes soon! She does mommy preschool still and loves it! Adelyn can write her own name by herself, is an avid and wonderful color-er, knows how to rhyme, all the letters and sounds and we are working on number recognition. She is quite the smartie pants! We love you Addie girl!!!

And I just had to add some pictures of Dallin and Trevin because they are just so precious! And check out this video of Dallin singing, "I am a Child of God".... he sings this around the house occasionally and I just eat it up! Too bad he stops singing in this video- he can sing the entire song by himself!

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Kiya said...

...still bothered that we didn't make it to Addie's Park Party....:( Looked like fun!

You guys look like you're doing well, especially you, Aubrey!

And I won't forgive myself for forgetting to contact you on your bday. I remembered it a day, even two days before the 18th, and then forgot the day of!

I hope you had a restful 25th bday! ;)