Thursday, October 17, 2013


Every year my grandparents host "spudnut glazing" over at their house where we all enjoy making and eating tons of donuts. Not sure how this tradition got started, but we all love it! We do it in October after the last session of conference on Sunday. Since Trevin had been born only a week prior, I was thinking about opting out so I could stay home with him. However, the memory of the smell and taste of those donuts were calling me, so we all went! He slept through the entire event, but the rest of us had a blast!

It's funny how I remember seeing pictures of myself doing this when I was young, and now our kids get to do it! One of the reasons it's nice to live near family!

My sister and I always loved exploring my grandparents backyard. They always had rolly pollies, worms and a couple of tortoises  They are also avid gardeners so it's always been fun to go see what they're growing out there. Our kids loved playing out there too. Addie was off in her own princess land and Dallin was happy to get into any trouble he could....why are buckets of water, rocks and sticks so appealing to boys???

We all had a great time! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for all your prep work  and making this happen every year!!


Meredith Williams said...

What a fun tradition. I'm not a huge fan of donuts but man, those look amazing!

Shanna said...

Fun tradition, I want in!