Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trevin Hinckley Bass

Our newest addition to the family is here! Even though I had every intention of going into labor spontaneously- we had wanted to make sure he wasn't going to be a huge baby and so were fortunate to get a last ultrasound five days before he was born. I say fortunate because annoyingly enough, my doctor's office's ultrasound machine had broken and chances of getting one elsewhere on such short notice were not looking likely. But last minute, they had gotten a new machine that the technician wasn't used to- but she was kind enough to give me one anyway. Based on her measurements, he was about 8 lbs give or take 1-12 ounces. Since the baby wasn't that big (Addie and Dallin had been 8.2 and 8.8) I was thinking we could wait and go into labor naturally. We prayed about it and felt like that same weekend (which was the date of a scheduled induction) was as good as any to have our son. I was also worried that if I waited and all of a sudden decided to get induced, that it would be hard to get schedule with the hospital since it would be last minute. Also, I had stayed at 1 1/2cm for the past 4 weeks so I wasn't overly convinced my body would go into labor any time soon. For all we knew, he could cook in there for another 2 weeks past my due date before deciding to make his debut! So we decided to do the induction date we had scheduled for that Friday!

I got a call from the hospital at 9:15pm and they wanted us in around 10pm. We immediately called my mom to come over and spend the night with the kids and started getting the last minute things packed (good thing we'd started packing that day! ha!). Unfortunately  Dallin woke up the second after I finished calling my mom and he was sick with croup. Horrible timing, and I felt like the worst mom in the world for leaving him. Thinking about it later, this was the first time that he'd really gotten sick- it'd always been a cold or something minor. But this time he got a fever and was up every two hours the entire night all sweaty and miserable. My saint of a mom stayed with him every night while I was in the hospital so that Jared could be with me. Poor boy was pretty grumpy and irritable and apparently was missing me while I was away (even after Trevin was born we didn't let him come to the hospital since sick kids weren't allowed). A huge thanks goes out to Jared and my mom and dad for watching over Dallin while he was sick!
Anyway, back to the labor story! We got to the hospital at 10pm and was a tight 2 cm dilated. She gave me a pill called something like "side cramps" that were basically supposed to get my body prepped and ready to get pitocin. I was supposed to get 3 pills, but only got two (for which I was grateful because my body wasn't really progressing very quickly and so I sort of felt like getting the whole thing rolling instead of lingering in limbo). Coincidentally, my doctor had come to the hospital to help another patient and so my wonderful nurse asked if she could just break my water to get things going. So around 6:15 a.m. my doctor came in, broke my water, and they got me started on pitocin. After that, everything progressed very quickly and I went from a 3 cm to a 6 cm within 3 hours. The contractions were really intense by that point and so I got my epidural at 9:30 a.m. and was loving life after that! Two hours later, I was at a 9 cm and they flipped me to my other side and mentioned that sometimes moving positions can progress you faster and that if I started feeling like I should push that I should let her know. Sure enough! Literally 2 minutes after she left, I started feeling like I should push and did some pushes by myself. But I thought it was just my body getting prepped so I kept it to myself until she came in to check me later. Yup! I was definitely ready! We did a couple of practice pushes and the nurse had me stop because apparently it wasn't going to be long until we got to hold our son! The nurse called Dr. Rana and we waited until she arrived. After 30 minutes of pushing (my shortest time yet!) Trevin was born at 12:25 p.m. on Saturday, September 28th being 9.2 lbs and 21 inches long!! 

Nobody could believe how big he was (especially not me- I am still trying to wrap my head around it!) and after they pulled him and his broad shoulders out, everyone was yelling out guesses. My doctor was thinking 9.6-10 lbs, which thankfully he wasn't! He didn't come out crying, which worried me- but once they started scrubbing him and cleaning him, he certainly let the world know he was here!

We named him Trevin because it was a name I had come up with while I was thinking about a few other names but didn't like 100%- so I combined them and we thought it was a neat name. Hinckley came from former prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley whom Jared and I both had a deep love for. Actually, the night Jared and I started dating was the night that we found out Pres. Hinckley had passed away. I remember it rained that night, and that we spent the remainder of the night reflecting on his life and what he'd meant to us. It was a special experience from which our relationship grew. Actually, we had a hard time coming up with a middle name for Trevin, though we knew we wanted to give him a name to look up to and strive towards. One Sunday while we were sitting in sacrament meeting, I was reading the Friend magazine to Addie. The particular page was on prophets and their mothers who had inspired them to do good. We had read them all except the last one which was about President Hinckley and his mother. As I read it, I got choked up and felt a strong spiritual prompting that this is the middle name we should give our son. And so, I told Jared about the experience and we decided that would be a perfect name!

Mr. Trevin is quite the funny newborn. He is really really good, sleeps well, eats well and is definitely pleasant and peaceful- that is until you do something he doesn't like. THEN he screams like you've chopped off his arm! He doesn't like being hungry, so if I'm not fast enough- he lets everyone know about it. He also doesn't like getting his clothes changed or his diaper changed, though he is getting better about it. He also doesn't like being handled too much. He loves being held, but if you change his clothes then shuffle him around a lot (like to the bed, then move him over to adjust his blanket, then roll him over- things like that) he gets annoyed very quickly. We are having a time trying to figure out his funny personality! He is super observant and knows voices. The first time I held him, he started opening one eye and was trying to focus on me and he hasn't changed one bit. It is very obvious to us that he knows his family's voices! He perks up, moves his head and stares at you intently. It's pretty neat!

The kids love him to death- sometimes a little too much! Dallin likes smothering him with kisses, patting his head, burping him (even when it's unnecessary), and laughing at everything he does! Addie likes to hold him and coo at him and they both fight over who gets to sit next to me when I nurse him on the couch. Dallin lovingly tells Trevin, "no bite" when I nurse him and sometimes tries to pry his head away from me. He will also come over and say to Trevin, "It's okay buddy, it's okay" or "Hey buddy!" it's pretty cute how loving he is towards his brother. Only hard thing is, that since he is accidentally rough sometimes, we constantly have to be on Dallin alert and tell him to "be gentle" or "that's enough now" or "be careful" which makes Dallin feel rejected I think, since he's been getting upset a lot lately. Hopefully that doesn't last long!

Yesterday Trevin turned 2 weeks old and he is now 9lbs and 14 ounces. We are sure glad this adorable chunk came to our family! It's been neat to see how much his siblings love him already!


Chelsea said...

That is so sad that Dallin got sick right before you were scheduled to go in (of course that's when it happens). How wonderful that your labor was so quick and smooth. I still can't believe your tiny self pushed out a 9 lb boy, haha! He is so so sweet. What a neat idea for his middle name too.

Angel said...

Oh my goodness what a cute little chunker! I don't know how you could have such a big baby when you are so tiny! Congratulations!

Matthew and Shanna said...

Congrats! I'm so glad everything went smoothly for you (well except for Dallin getting sick.) He is such a cute little guy.

Amber said...

Congrats on your big, cute boy! So happy for you guys. I'm glad it all went well (and that you didn't wait to let him grow any bigger!).
P.S. The drug they gave you (the pill one) was probably cytotec. I had that w/my first before starting the pitocin.

Meredith Williams said...

It was fun to read the delivery story in full detail! I can't believe Dallin got croup!!

Glad it all went well! Crazy that he fit in you----he is so cute!