Saturday, November 9, 2013

Is it really Novemeber?

Is it just me, or has another year flown by?? I get somewhat depressed at the beginning of each year because all the "fun" holidays are gone and done- leaving me with a feeling that we have to go through an entire year before they'll roll around again. I can't believe that this year has is almost done and gone by so fast- as has every year since we started having kids- why is that??? Anyway, here is what said kids are up to nowadays.

Loves setting up tea parties almost daily, complete with water and candy. She still colors like crazy and stays within the lines and has almost perfected "coloring in the lines". She wrote her name all by herself a few weeks ago, and now writes her name whenever and wherever she pleases (fortunately on paper!). She has also gotten really good at drawing people and things. She still sings loudly wherever she goes and loves pretending she's in her own worlds. Random bit of cuteness: when I do her hair, she wants it done into "two ponytails with tornados". Translation: twirled so that they spiral :-). Adelyn had her first primary program a couple of weeks ago and she did great....she wasn't silly at all ha! That's about all I can say because I couldn't see her the entire time and she didn't say her part. In fact, she walked directly to the stand and plopped herself onto President Adam's lap- who is in the stake presidency. She didn't move the entire program, and cuddled right up to him to the point where I thought she was going to fall asleep! When it was time to say her line, she stood at the pulpit and just glared at everyone for a good 2 minutes. The primary teacher tried to prompt her, but I guess the situation was a little too weird for our routine-oriented girl because she never uddered a peep! (Which was somewhat of a relief since she kept making up lines to say. Most were something like, "I love my family here on earth"- which wasn't what she was supposed to say at all!). Funny girl!

This boy gets into absolutely everything! There is literally nothing I can keep out of his reach- he will take a chair to any part of the house and do as he pleases. So scary and frustrating all at the same time! Dallin is getting so much more vocal and his vocabulary and phrases expand daily! We were at the park with Addie's preschool group yesterday, and while he was sitting next to me on the picnic bench, he out-of-the-blue hollered to Addie, who was on the playground, "Addies two more minutes, okay? When I say it's time to go, what do you say? Okay, Mom! Addies! You hear me??". I about died laughing! That is verbatim what I tell the kids several time a day! haha And by the way, he still calls Addie, "Addies" which I think is so cute! The novelty of acquiring a new sibling has not worn off for Dallin. He still runs to Trevin whenever he is anywhere he can touch him and instantly pats his head and coos, "It's okay buddy! Hi Baby!". As cute as it is, we have to still be on Dallin alert constantly since he will try and pick him up or point out his eyes...and point he does! The other day he wanted to hold the baby and Trevin craned his neck to stare at Dallin & Dallin was staring at him. They sat like this for about 5 seconds and Dallin says softly, "I wuv you". It was the sweetest moment ever- I wish I could have recorded it! This was such a special moment because Dallin has never told anyone he loves them without us prompting him. It's times like that, where being a mother is instantly so rewarding and I remember how important my role truly is.

Our sweet observer is holding his head (and has been) extremely well for his age! He is 6.5 weeks now and is already in 3 month clothing. He wears size 1 diapers, but I am thinking they are becoming too small and may be moving up to 2's shortly. He takes a binkie, but only mostly when he is tired and sleeps great! He hasn't gotten days and nights mixed up and for the most part, goes right back to bed after I feed him every 3-4 hours. This boy loves people talking to him and will look at you whenever you start talking. It is clear he knows everyone's voices in the family which is neat. He doesn't cry much unless he is getting tired- then in goes the binkie- or when he is hungry. Funny thing, when he's starving, he gives me about 20 seconds to respond to his grunts and then instantly it escalates to rip-roaring-mad screaming. But he calms right back down again when he gets the golden stuff. :-) This kid is so patient for the most part and I love how easy going he is! Bless his heart because I need all the patience I can get, lately! He has smiled at me twice, but that's been it. He doesn't laugh or smile much in his sleep either, which makes me wonder if he'll be more of a serious observer- which is how Adelyn was as a baby and young toddler. It makes me sad how quickly he is growing, and I hate how little time I have to just hold him, which is why I seize the opportunity whenever it comes!

We love our 3 little crazies!!

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Meredith Williams said...

Crazy how fast time is flying! I totally agree with you, I have to stop and take time to hold and be with Hudson. Between his other demanding siblings, the poor kid gets put down a lot. I love the nights when it's just me and him! Good luck with three! (You are already doing an amazing job and make it look so easy so I'm not sure why I even mentioned, good luck) :)