Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lions & Tigers & Bears...Oh My!

This year for Halloween, Addie requested she be Dorthy ("Dorfty" as she pronounces it) from the Wizard of Oz. Dorthy has been her latest obsession which started when I introduced her to the song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" which was on my iPod. It was the Reggae version and so I told her it actually came from a movie- showed her the clip from youtube and voila! an obsession was born! After that, she wanted to watch more and more clips and watch the movie. Long story short, I thought it would make a cute and easy family theme, and Dallin didn't care this year. So we borrowed a lot of the costume items or got them cheap from Goodwill and I was surprised that considering the modge podge of things we had going, that people actually understood what we were supposed to be! (Addie: Dorthy, Dallin: Cowardly Lion, Trevin: Tin Man...even though he never made it into his grey onsie, Me: Wicked Witch, Jared: Straw Man)

 Jared was gone at a wedding the weekend of the Midwestern Halloween Party and our ward's Trunk or Treat- which was unfortunate timing- so he missed out. :(. I was lucky to have the help of the McDonalds at Midwestern's bash and my parents at the Trunk or Treat! We had a good time, but since they were back to back on the same day- we were all pooped by the time we finished the night!!!

Halloween day was somewhat hectic considering the carving of our pumpkins kept being put off until it came down to the day of. So we ate, and carved in somewhat of a rush before dashing off to trick or treat. Despite the hurry, it was an enjoyable evening and the kids loved digging into their loot! Dallin was actually content as soon as he spotted a lolly pop in his bucket. After that, he could have cared less about any other candy- he was busy trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center! ha! Addie just thought everything was terribly exciting and was thrilled with the decorations and sweets she was collecting!

 The kids requested a witch pumpkin and Jared tried out his Florida Gator designs that my parents had given him for his birthday last year. As always, he did a great job carving those pumpkins- especially in a rush!
 We bumped into our friends, the Jacksons, who suggested we go to a really neat neighborhood that was much more lively than our own ghost town of a street. Glad we took their advice!

Another fun Halloween for the Bass Family! 

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