Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas & The New Year

Christmas and the New Year were both pretty low key events this year. Garrett and Kara drove down from California and Whitney joined us Christmas Eve and morning, so it was fun to have some company with us! Christmas Eve was done at my parents house with the annual pudding contest, and nativity reenactment. Addie of course had to be Mary (she is always the girl in any story), Dallin was Joseph, and Jared was a shepherd. Trevin got to be baby Jesus this year :). Then we went home, sent the excited kids to bed and had a little party of our own getting presents ready and hanging out with Jesse, Wes, Garrett, Kara, and Whitney- who stayed the night.

Christmas was super exciting this year since the kids were one year older and wiser about what was going on. Dallin still didn't completely understand the whole thing- but Adelyn was quick to fill him in! I was happier that he understood and could tell us about Jesus' birth instead. I was particularly excited  for Christmas morning since I'd gotten Jared and xbox kinnect- which he has been wanting for years! I was really excited to surprise him with it complete with games and controllers that Jesse had so nicely gotten for us! He was pretty happy about it, and has been putting it to good use so far!

Dallin and Addie got a lot of "Frozen" toys since that's their favorite movie now but they also got other things like bikes! Those have been great and well needed- the kids enjoy riding them. Santa had a hard time thinking of things to get Trevin this year. Since he already has clothes, baby toys, and doesn't eat food yet, he was at a little bit of a dilemma.......which meant Trevin got precisely that! Clothes, baby toys, and baby food! Poor Santa was out of original ideas and knew Trevin would be content with anything (or nothing) this year. :) 

A day before new years, Adam Gent came into town to ring in the new year with us! Then, some friends in our ward invited us to come over for soup and fireworks, so we were happy to go over and have fun! Addie got the chance to ride on a small dirt bike (with an adult of course) around their backyard, which was pretty enjoyable for her. Then we headed outside for some fireworks which Addie was thrilled about, but Dallin wanted nothing to do with. He was content in my arms and as far back as possible- which is humorous to me because out of all our kids, I would expect him to be the one who'd be all over that kind of thing! Maybe next year! After we went home, we ended up watching episodes of Duck Dynasty and the boys played soccer or football on the xbox. Jared and I actually went to bed earlier than midnight (we've gotten enough opportunities to stay up late the last few weeks and were exhausted!) which was fine by us! A "happy new year" kiss goodnight! :) Hope this year is full of as much enjoyment as the last! Bring on 2014!

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