Friday, January 24, 2014

I Hope they Call Me on a Mission/ Birthday Celebrations

How has it possibly been two years already??? My long lost brother has come home from a mission in Argentina! Everyone was so excited to see him and pick him up from the airport! Luckily, his plane flew in at a good time, and we were able to go too! The kids surprisingly adjusted to him really quickly (considering Addie was 2 and Dallin was 6 months when he left) which was nice. We all thought he'd grown taller, his farmer's tan is hilarious, and he is more mature and talkative now, but other than that, he's the same ol' Pookie we know!

Then it was fun because a week and a half later, Kara, and my grandparents drove into town for his homecoming talk in church! My grandparents live in Idaho, so it's exciting whenever we get to see them since they live farther away.We love having a group together for late nights, games and laughter- so this was a great weekend for us!  Plus, my grandparents stayed at our house, so that made it even more fun! After Spencer's talk, we had a "party" that night where both sets of grandparents came, and my aunt Jeanette and her kids.

And to make the weekend even more exciting, it was Jared's and my grandpa's birthdays! They both share January 18th so we got to celebrate their birthdays together! I made one of Jared's favorite meals and then we did birthday desserts as a group, which was a mint birthday cake, ice cream, and brownies. Jared got 2 pairs of new shoes, vanilla wafers, a gift card and dart board. Fun stuff!

I am so glad Spencer returned safely from an honorable mission, and that we could all celebrate his return and birthdays all in one jam-packed weekend!

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Meredith Williams said...

what a super fun, and eventful weekend! Isn't that how it always is with big families?? :)
And I love Dallin's face as he stood over the cakes and brownies! Someone was excited to devour them :)