Thursday, January 23, 2014

park, presents, and pestering

The start of the year has kept us busy, busy, busy! Here are some fun activities we've done the past few weeks around here.

Thunderbird park- Jared wasn't feeling too well January 1st so I left sleeping Trevin with him and took Addie and Dallin to go get some fresh air. This is one of our favorite parks! The kids had a great time playing and doing a picnic- they were good and worn out!

Present Playing- I have had a stash of gift bags that I've kept hidden under Dallin's crib that no one but Jared and I knew about....until recently. Adelyn and Dallin found it, and decided to use them all to wrap up toys around the house. Since our Christmas tree was still up, Addie insisted they go under it and we all open presents when Jared got home from work. They were pretty proud of their wrapping skills! I thought it was cute- and they stayed busy playing for a LONG time which gave me lots of time to do things around the house....but I wasn't terribly thrilled at the humongous mess this left me at the end of the day. I have been keeping all these gift bags (and re-gifting them) since Addie's baby shower...that is a lot of birthdays, baby showers, and Christmas'!!!

And lastly, pestering each other. These pictures of Dallin and Trevin couldn't be more descriptive of their brotherly dynamic. 

Yeah. That basically sums it all up!

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