Friday, February 21, 2014

February Fun

Ahhhh! This darn blog is something I want to continue doing since it is the only consistent family journal I am currently doing- HOWEVER- it seems to be harder and harder to keep up on! Hopefully I can keep putting in moments, activities, and memories that actually will matter in the future.

A few (or more...) weeks past, I was feeling antsy to take the kids somewhere and so we decided to go to the small airport near us. Dallin is really into planes and was so excited to go see "Dusty Crophopper" who is a character from Disney's movie, Planes. We brought lunch and had ourselves a picnic while watching the planes take off and land. It was a perfect day and a very relaxing activity to do with the kids. Trevin was great and slept through all the noise, which made it nice so I could focus a little more on the older two kids- which doesn't happen as often anymore. Dallin was reluctant to go home , he had such a nice time.

Other than that, it's been a pretty normal life besides the colds we keep passing to one another! I have had 5 colds in the last month and each kid and Jared have had their share as well. We are so sick of being sick! We are hoping we got immune to every single virus of the cold and will have March to enjoy illness free! 

Addie has continued to do well writing and drawing. I gave her a notebook to draw in at night since she is notorious for coming up with a billion and one excuses as to why she should not go to bed. The notebook helps her to stay in bed and get sleepy so it's a win-win whenever she's tired of looking at her books waiting for sleep to come. Occasionally I flip through her notebook and am always shocked at what I find in there! I can tell what she draws!! A castle, bear, Anna & Elsa, tents, Angry Birds.....this girl has some talent! She loves to doodle! She also writes her letters to "spell things"- they don't make any phonetic sense, but it's a good start anyway! I've started working with her on reading, and she does well with it as long as she keeps calm and doesn't get bored- which is challenging for both of us since it takes so long for sounding out one easy word!! Please tell me it won't always be like this?!?! I think I'll get burned out teaching her before she does! Adelyn has also become quite the little bike rider and does good at keeping up until she "runs out of gas"...translation: "I'm done riding my bike". LOL. She also must be going through a growth spurt because she has fallen asleep several times this month during nap time, which is unlike her!

Dallin is really into the movie Cars and Planes and their characters. Any time he sees a semi truck, he yells, "It's Mac! Mom, look Mac!". And he's quite the little back seat driver telling me to go faster and faster whenever we drive somewhere. True to Dallin, he still has more energy than the entire family combined! Fortunately he still naps most days so we can all charge ourselves up for the remainder of the day! That boy never stops moving! Even doing quiet activities like playing with legos, coloring, or playing with his trains or cars only lasts a few minutes and then he's back to running, jumping, and whacking all over the place. He is coming along with his colors, though just when I think he's got them down, he gets them all wrong! I don't  think he pays enough attention to really care to differentiate them all. He is very chatty these days and isn't afraid to talk to strangers whatsoever. He talks to whoever he sees! He loves to put people in their places around here, and frequently tells us, "Cut it out, Addie!" "It's not okay" and "that's enough!". He also is our little movie quoter and will quote and sing songs from movies....we teach these kids young!! We never loose at Disney Scene It in this family!!!

Binkie buddies

Trevin is just getting too big for my liking, although every new baby stage is so fun! At 4 months he loves to talk and screech, smiles a lot, loves playing peek-a-boo, and is very ticklish! He started rolling but refuses to roll from his tummy to his back- he just hollers until I flip him onto his back again, silly boy! He has gotten really great at grabbing things, his favorites being: my hair, my phone, my food, and paper. Basically anything within arms reach is fair game for this guy! I tried giving him cereal the other day and he did much better than I thought he would. Mr. Man has so many nicknames around here, he's not going to know what his real name is! In addition to the goofy names he gets called from his aunts and uncles, the kids call him Trevy, Tebin (turns out his name is hard to pronounce), onsie, poopy Trevy, and Tubby. His darker hair is getting longer, which means it will be easier to tell the difference between Dallin & Trevin's baby pictures(besides the blue eyes) since Dallin was bald and blond. He recently got sick and it was the saddest thing for this mamma, but he kept his smile regardless. What a trooper! He is also a constant drooler!!The kids never give him a second to himself and are constantly smothering him with affection complete with Dallin telling me, "Tebby's so cute mommy!". Fortunately Dallin has learned how to be less rough with his baby bro, which is a relief, though the phrase, "kill him with kindness" rings in my ear whenever they're interacting- which still means supervision is a must :). We are blessed that Addie and Dallin love their brother so much!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gilbert Temple Open House

We had the opportunity to get tickets to go see the Gilbert Temple open house at the end of January! Jared had one of those Fridays off so it was the perfect chance to take our little crew out and show them where Jesus lives when he comes to visit! The kids were super excited and kept asking where Jesus was :). Adelyn was particularly excited and as we arrived, kept saying how beautiful it was- boy was she right! All of the LDS temples are wonderful, but this one had the most beautiful design, I loved it too! We couldn't wait to go inside! 
At first there was a movie at the stake center (which shared the parking lot), and then we could go inside to tour the temple. A volunteer there shared with us that the floors were from a quarry in Israel, which were then taken to China to be polished. He also shared with us so many other neat facts about the structure and design, which I wish I could remember- but the stone floors were the only thing that stuck in my brain. This temple just took your breath away! The celestial room was my absolute favorite with this gorgeous chandelier in the center of the room. I also loved the baptismal font, which had a completely different layout than the Mesa temple- which is the only one I've ever seen.  I cannot describe how wonderful everything was! Even more than the fabulous decor, the feeling there was so special and unique to other buildings you visit. I was truly so glad we could go and take the kids there!

Unfortunately, the tour was a little more lengthy than we'd anticipated and it was lunch time, so the kids were pretty jittery by the end of the tour. Plus, it was extremely windy for some annoying reason, so we only got one picture of our family- I was a little disappointed that we couldn't have gotten more on the actual temple grounds and beautiful shrubbery- but I suppose that will just give us a valid excuse to go back and visit. :)