Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gilbert Temple Open House

We had the opportunity to get tickets to go see the Gilbert Temple open house at the end of January! Jared had one of those Fridays off so it was the perfect chance to take our little crew out and show them where Jesus lives when he comes to visit! The kids were super excited and kept asking where Jesus was :). Adelyn was particularly excited and as we arrived, kept saying how beautiful it was- boy was she right! All of the LDS temples are wonderful, but this one had the most beautiful design, I loved it too! We couldn't wait to go inside! 
At first there was a movie at the stake center (which shared the parking lot), and then we could go inside to tour the temple. A volunteer there shared with us that the floors were from a quarry in Israel, which were then taken to China to be polished. He also shared with us so many other neat facts about the structure and design, which I wish I could remember- but the stone floors were the only thing that stuck in my brain. This temple just took your breath away! The celestial room was my absolute favorite with this gorgeous chandelier in the center of the room. I also loved the baptismal font, which had a completely different layout than the Mesa temple- which is the only one I've ever seen.  I cannot describe how wonderful everything was! Even more than the fabulous decor, the feeling there was so special and unique to other buildings you visit. I was truly so glad we could go and take the kids there!

Unfortunately, the tour was a little more lengthy than we'd anticipated and it was lunch time, so the kids were pretty jittery by the end of the tour. Plus, it was extremely windy for some annoying reason, so we only got one picture of our family- I was a little disappointed that we couldn't have gotten more on the actual temple grounds and beautiful shrubbery- but I suppose that will just give us a valid excuse to go back and visit. :)

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