Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trevin turns 6 months!

Can you believe it? My baby is 6 months old! I am so sad that he is just growing up faster than I can keep up! That being said, this is my  absolute favorite age! Babies are just so enjoyable at 6 months for me!! Here are some things this beautiful baby boy is doing.

 ~Rolling over (finally! He could roll over around 4 months, but decided a handful of times was good enough until just a week ago.)
~Grabbing! He grabs everything! In fact he has been making more messes than you'd think a 6 month old would make, just because he grabs or spills whatever is nearby him. Including, my bowl of oatmeal, glasses full of milk, plates full of food, and cereal boxes. As you can probably gather, I usually end up holding him while I eat.
~Smiling and laughing! He is sometimes super serious but more often lately, he is really social and wanting to play. He loves when Dad throws him in the air and does fun "tricks". He loves being tickled and thinks "this little piggy" is a fun song/game.
~Eating like a champ! Our other two kids didn't ever take to rice cereal much, but since I've started feeding him rice cereal with formula, he's not only liked it, but transitioned really quickly to eating "well". Ya know how babies typically spit their food out for a long time when you give it to them the first little while? Yeah, well he kinda skipped that step and it's been awesome! I don't even mind feeding him cereal!
~Growing! Even though he only gained a half ounce the last doctor visit we went to, his height is soaring! Somehow, he seems like a tall baby to most everyone so hopefully with the rice cereal he's eating we can get his weight up to speed too!
We just love our Trevin boy! He is still our little "soul searcher"- which is what we call him because he just studies people so intently that it feels like he can see into your soul. He's been like that since birth and it's such a unique and interesting quality that he has. Trevin loves to watch his siblings and will cry or fuss when they leave him to go play elsewhere. He is already started having separation anxiety and if I'm around, he will prefer me. Particularly if he's tired or hungry. So if I give him to someone so that I can do something, I have to stay out of his line of vision or he will start whining for me to come get him! 

Trevin is such a mellow, good natured baby- it's been so fun to have him in our family! And what a relief that he is so good- the other two kids are such a handful lately that it is truly a blessing that he is so easy going. I thank God every day that he sent such a good baby into our family during this crazy time! We love our blue eyed boy!!
Oh, and everyone comments that Trevin doesn't look very much like Addie or Dallin, so I thought I'd compare some baby pictures to see if he looked more like them as babies. BTW I uploaded the pictures of A & D's 5th months because that's how old Trevin is in all his pictures above.
Adelyn at 5 months

Dallin at 5 months
I think he looks a lot like Addie with the head shape, but Dallin & Trevin's smile and eyes are similar. Maybe he'll fit into our "Bass mold" once he gets a little bigger :)