Monday, April 14, 2014

The Happiest Trip on Record

Whelp, it finally happened. All our years of going to Disneyland, and we finally had a really good experience with our kids. Not that there haven't been happy moments or anything- but this trip was really fun for our family. So much so, that we are tempted to hop in the van and do it again before our Disneyland California year passes expire.....maybe! Warning, there are a billion pictures!!

Like every trip, it started with the drive- which got a little interesting this time since our car's battery pooped out on us when we stopped to eat lunch. We think that somehow having the engine on with the windows down and ac blowing, it drained our battery. Doesn't make too much sense- but with the help of a very nice man- he charged our battery up again and it was completely fine the remainder of the trip. Whew! We were a little scared being stuck in a small exit off the freeway, but things turned out well and at least we'd stopped where there were neat things to look around at!

Then came the 5 days we spent going to the happiest place on earth! It would take forever to describe each day, so I'll only tell the highlights. Kara came on Monday with us and the kids (and myself!) were thrilled to have her there. It was nice for Jared and I to have an extra hand to help out, and we were all able to go onto some of the adult rides in pairs so that was really nice too! 

The kids did really really great this trip! It's seemed like in years past that there was a lot of annoying or difficult moments that made it hard to feel like we were even on a vacation. Our kids were all at good ages: Addie remembered things from the year past and was anticipating everything and totally soaked it all up. Dallin was a little nervous on the first day, but was a trooper and wasn't scared in the slightest after that first day. Trevin was still little enough to not be phased by the loud or noises or anything "scary" and wasn't mobile, yet old enough to be alert and aware. 

 Addie was able to go on her first and only "adult ride" which was Splash Mountain. Somehow she was tall enough to go on that ride- but never measured tall enough for the others. Which was a little bit of a bummer, but then once Jared and I started thinking of the other adult rides, we realized they weren't rides we'd want her to go on anyway (she's in a stage where things are easily freaky to her). She liked the ride, but never wanted a repeat- I think the drop was a little too intense for our 4 year old :). Adelyn thought the Jungle Cruise and Toy Story Mania were great. She also loved meeting the characters (especially princesses).

Dallin adored Car's Land  and went on Mater's Tow ride so many times it's unbelievable! He also loved the Ariel, Teacups and Buzz Lightyear ride. He did a really good job of not getting scared- we were very surprised! The first time we went on Pirates he started freaking out a bit (and Addie was too lol) but he never cried and hung in there...he just held his jacket hood over his head- clinging to it for dear life. HA! Poor kid! Despite the fear in his eyes, he kept asking to go on it again and Addie was the one begging us not to go on it :)!

Trevin was his typical easy going self the whole time (bless that child!) and made some friends on the long line of the Jungle Cruise! These girls were playing with him and he was just laughing and smiling like crazy- cutest thing!

Jared and I were so glad we got to go on Indiana Jones- and they updated it! We thought the changes were great! Bummer that small world and thunder mountain rail road rides were closed this time :/. Most of all, it was wonderful being on our own schedule and taking stops and breaks without worrying about other people. Maybe that's why it was such a good trip, we love having people come with us, but it gets a little more complicated when everyone is trying to accommodate to all the different schedules. We had a lot of fun together.

Our last day in Cali, we drove up to see Kara and Garrett and hang out with them. Garrett took Jared golfing and Kara and I took the kids to the beach. The kids had a blast and wanted to go back the next day (bummer, because we were driving home) and Kara and I loved the sister time. For the first time ever, Jared went to California without his feet touching the sand once! Sad, sad day for him! I honestly do feel so bad for him since he loves the water and beach so much- I guess it gives us a legitimate reason to return there again this year!