Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Some changes around here

Since this is our family journal, I have some noteworthy events to add in:

1. Dallin stopped napping last week. It was a very very hard decision considering the kid gladly went down for a nap each day. However, he was then up every night until 10 pm wide awake. A losing battle either way- I decided nights were what I wanted more. So, life's been a tough adjustment around here!
2. Addie got officially signed up for real preschool! She ended up getting into a home preschool that an amazing lady teaches- who happens to be in our ward. It is extremely difficult  for a child to get into her class (small class sizes and high demand) unless they've been on her waiting list for a few years (which Addie had been & Dallin's been on there since birth!). I am nervous about the transition of a having set schedules to work around, but I'm excited for her too- I think she'll love it!
3. Trevin has become mobile! He turned 7 months and has been taking his time, but he can sit up, roll over like machine, and is trying to crawl. He scoots backwards and does this funny thing where he pushes up on his hands and tippy toes. My kid does push ups, what does your kid do??? ;-) I'm still trying to get a picture for proof!
4. I bought a piano! I got it for a steal of a deal ($100) and it's in great condition! The outside is a little battered- but I actually like it- the instrument has personality :). I love playing on it and have become dedicated to daily practice. The 4 pm hour is my practice time! I recently have been called as primary secretary- which was really overwhelming at first since I haven't really ever served in primary. However, I'm starting to get the hang of things and am starting to enjoy it. I like sitting in primary after all my duties are temporarily done- I like spying on my kids and hearing the input from children during their sharing time lessons. I recently also did a couple of projects to spice up the decor around here!

5. Jared has been busy with work and exercise lately. He found a work out buddy so that's been good to get him out the door after the kids are in bed and I think he likes having a friend to talk to. This last Sunday brought us a big change for the family- Jared has been called as Elder's Quorum president! Jared is probably one of the hardest workers I know (or have ever seen) so I have no doubt that our Elder's Quorum is in good hands. He has been excited to get things started and dive into his new calling!
This was taken the day before he got called- not sure I'll see him that relaxed for a LONG time ;-)

Our Easter

Easter seems to be a busy time around here. There are a lot of activities to do and the kids really love doing those things, so we tend to cram everything in. But by doing so, it's easy to lose the true meaning of the holiday. Addie and I have been involved in mommy preschool since she was 2, and this year, Erin, the Mom who taught closest to Easter, decided to teach about it. Even though they didn't devote the entire lesson to Jesus' resurrection, they did learn about it and got a cute cut out to bring home. Using that cutout has helped my kids understand the story a little better (visual learners?), and just last night (a month later), I had Adelyn teach our FHE lesson using that cutout. Even though it's been awhile she totally remembered the Easter story! I'm so grateful for those church teachers, parents and friends in our lives who help to reinforce important concepts, ideas, and religion into my kids. It truly takes a village to raise our kids!!!

Here are some of the activities we did for Easter this year!
1. Playgroup Annual Easter Egg Hunt
 A fun activity for the kids to go crazy grabbing any egss they see. I prepped them that they were only allowed 10 each. However, Addie got lost in all the chaos and came back with probably 20 sparkly/pink/girly eggs. Ha! Dallin was fine staying by my side and would have been happy with the 1 or 2 he grabbed himself (I basically put the rest in his basket). He was just happy that there was candy in them!

2. Decorated Easter Eggs
we tried a new technique this year- we scribbled on them with crayons as soon as they were done boiling and the color was SO much more vibrant and it looked so so pretty after they were dipped into they dye later!

3. Midwestern University Egg Hunt
 there are so many fun activities to do, the kids had a blast!

4. Easter Morning
 I should just get used to the fact that the more kids we have, the less likely we'll get a picture where they're all looking and smiling! Dallin was way  more interested in his new cars than taking a picture :) This year, the kids needed summer jammies, so that's what the Easter Bunny brought.

5. Family Egg Hunt
 Dallin went hiding into the house to indulge himself on the sweets :) Basically ,Addie found most of our decorated boiled eggs this year!

I personally am so grateful for Jesus' sacrifice for us and so that we can all be with the ones we love again. Knowing that gives purpose to strengthening the relationships and families we have here on earth. I know our Savior lives and loves us!