Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Shift

It's strange to me how quickly priorities can change. Marriage brings the focus on your spouse. Your first born changes the dynamic of your relationship so it centers around the child. But what I never expected would be how much my priorities change when adding more children into the family- even when you already have them. Since having Trevin, I feel as though our lives have exponentially changed whereas I never felt that way after having Dallin. For whatever reason, #3 really rocked our little boat. 

I once asked a mom who had three children, what it was like (as if it even matters- everyone's experiences are so varied!) but she told me that she never had any spare time to herself anymore. Yup! I think about all the pintrest projects and new recipes and activities to do, which is all very enticing to want to start doing. But most my days are completely consumed with just living and surviving the day. That might sound depressing- which is not how it is- but that is seriously how I feel most days go. I'm just trying to get through the day with limited tantrums, accidents, injuries, yelling, laundry, fighting, and stress. All the while earnestly trying to incorporate more smiles, high-fives, prayers, encouragement, laughter and fun into our days. Some days are an uphill battle and other days are effortless. That being said, I got all the kids into bed by 7:30 tonight and after cleaning up and doing the dinner dishes, I started wondering to myself what I should do with this unexpected free time! Jared is at meetings.....should I read, practice the piano, make cookies? And the last thing I thought of was to write on this blog. And the last desire I had was to do was to write on this blog. Which astounds me- because not even 6 months ago- I had assumed I'd be blogging for probably the rest of my life. Though all of a sudden, I am thinking I might just retire or take a break from this family journal. Who know, I might or I might not. But I can't help but think how quickly my perspective and time frame has shifted.