Friday, July 11, 2014

The Start to Our Summer

This has been a bit of a more busy summer for us! Typically, I try and hide under a rock until the extreme heat goes away- but I guess we've been feeling more adventurous this year (maybe it helps that I'm not pregnant this time around!?). So here are some things we've been up to!

**Visit from our graduating medical friends. Since we live so close to Midwestern University- a medical school- we tend to make and lose a lot of friends. So it was exciting to see some of them again when they came back from their rotations to graduate. I got to watch the Graff's two kids and even though our kids didn't remember each other, it was fun for me to see how they've grown in a year! We also had a "reunion" at the pool which was so fun for us all to chat again!

**Trevin started crawling! He started getting himself around at 8 months old (for the record) but has a funny way of doing it. At first he couldn't make up his mind on a technique, but now he's decided to settle on a bear crawl! He also just started cutting teeth this week-finally! But for some strange reason, he hasn't gotten his bottom first...only the top are coming in! Even his pediatrician was a little baffled by it! Just took him in for his 9 month appointment- weight- 18 lbs (22%), height-29 1/4 (79%), and head- 17 inches (48%). So basically we have a long boy who needs to gain more weight...according to the doctors- though Jared and I aren't' terribly concerned since ALL of our kids have followed the same exact pattern. He is also standing by himself a lot and still has such a friendly personality. We have been blessed with such a fantastic baby!

**The kids have been obsessed with Star Wars lately, and Dallin decided to concoct his own lightsaber out of markers. I found it pretty cute, though it didn't feel terribly cute when you got whacked with it! Lucky for us, my mom had the brilliant idea to cut pool noodles in half to make new "lightsabers". They don't hurt hardly at all when you get hit from one- which is really what matters around here- and the kids (and Jared & I) love playing with them. Before the pool noodles, he was using anything he could find- including clothes hangers (which also don't feel good). Dallin has been into Legos and cars lately and it's fun seeing the maturing "boy" things he gets interested in.

**Addie finished her dance class! She enjoyed taking it, though she almost daily told me she didn't want to go. Fortunately, she was able to carpool with another family in our ward, so riding or driving with Olive and Madge was incentive enough to keep going Monday- Thursday. I was so thankful we could alternate driving days- I would have gotten burnt out a long time ago had we not done it!

**The kids had been begging to go to a splash pad ever since we'd missed the one that playgroup met up for. I finally relented and took the kids! Splash pads aren't my favorite since it's very hot for the observers (myself & Trevin) so I've never been very eager to go. But the kids had a blast, and I survived- though I wore my swim suit and got in the water a little :). I let Trevin get down for a little bit- I was nervous about all the kids running around with him on the ground- but he wanted to drink the water from off the ground so I had to keep grabbing him! ha!

**When I was uploading pictures to the computer, I came across this beauty....I guess the kids got a hold of the camera. Gave me a good laugh!

** And here are a couple of videos of the kiddos!