Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy birthday, our Dallin boy!

Dallin turned 3 this July which just seems nuts! He's been really into Star Wars lately so he got a lot of things related to those movies. For his treat we tried a Pintrist post which turned into a Pintrist FAIL!!! They were supposed to be brownie bowls that you could plop ice cream into- sounded perfect considering no one in our family cares for cake. Yeah..... we ended up having brownie bits and ice cream lol ;) I felt a little bit bad that his birthday was a slightly rushed and crazy since we were leaving for Cali the next morning. But it didn't seem to bother him and he was just along for the ride (at least that's how he was acting). Addie was more excited than him- somehow he didn't seem to understand what was going on. That is, until he saw there were presents!

Here are some things that Dallin is doing at 3 years old:
~Loves creating things with Legos
~Still loves playing/pestering/entertaining Trevin
~Adores Addie and everything she does
~Is really into anything active such as jumping, running, climbing
~Jumps off furniture all day long but waits until I'm looking, saying, "Mom! Watch this!!"
~Asks cute questions like, "Did you see that?" "Was that funny?!?" after a lot of his sentences
~Yoda is his idol
~Repeats most things you say with a question like, "Dallin, don't touch Trevin's binkie please"....."Don't touch Trevin's binkie???"
~Finally is wanting to dress himself for the most part. He can do his underwear & pants but still needs help with shirts
~Is Jared's shadow and constantly wants to know his whereabouts! If Jared is home, he wants to be right there with him!
~ Knows colors and his favorites are blue and green
~ Still working on shapes but knows the basics, sometimes. **Funny story** So we were working on shapes while Addie was in dance class so he'd been making serious improvement. When he went in for his 3 year checkup the PA asked if he knew his shapes to which I replied a confident "yes". Well they wanted to do an eye exam using objects. And every single shape he got wrong- including the circle and heart. Yeah, I felt a little stupid after that!
~Loves sticks -aka light sabers or shooters- and carries one around whenever he finds one. He often has one tucked into his loop hole, pocket, or underwear (the most logical place for carrying a weapon lol) whenever we go to a store- he finds them along the way and carries them inside.
~Loves throwing things like rocks when we're outside and whacking things with his sticks
~Periodically brings me a light saber and tells me, "Let's fight!" and we have a little light saber war
~Comes and tells me when he does something good, "Mom I shared a toy with Trevin!" and will give me a hug
~Is still very affectionate and loves to show it- his love language is definitely physical touch- he appreciates hugs and tickles and tackling 
~Is a "protector" and will yell at us if we reprimand Addie even in the slightest telling us, "You cannot stick her in time out!" (even if we weren't going to)
~When he gets sad, he's recently started to go off on his own to sulk. It's funny and sad at the same time since it's usually over really minor things
~ He is our designated pray-er at our house and volunteers and every chance he gets but always recites the same prayer, "Dear Heavenly Father, thankful for this day, please bless the food, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!"

We sure love our active, sweet Dallin! He brings a fun dynamic into our family and is typically such a happy boy!

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