Friday, August 15, 2014

Our week as beach bums

The day after Dallin's birthday, we packed up and headed to our first trip to CA without going to Disneyland! The kids kept asking when we were going to Disneyland and kept excitedly telling us the rides they wanted to go on- their faces were so confused when we (repetitively) told them we weren't going! Even without our friends in the Magical Kingdom, we had a really wonderful vacation. We drove straight to Kara & Garrett's that Sunday and spent the afternoon and night with them.

Then packed up and headed to Carpinteria to spend two days there! We visited friends and went to the beach- and didn't pack too much into our days (a very different change of pace than Disney!). We also went to Kid's World- the most awesome playground EVER in Santa Barbara- which was fun since Jared and I went there on our honeymoon (we are truly kids at heart!)

After that, we packed up again and went to Balboa Island (one of my favorite places!) to be with our friends, the Jacobsons at their awesome beach house! We had a blast and their daughter, Ellie and Addie got along so great! Dallin got along well too- but he was a little outnumbered with the "girly stuff". :) We went to a few different beaches there, got ice cream at night and hung out. Garrett and Kara even came to stay a night and day with us! It was seriously the epitome of a great vacation! I had no desire to head home whatsoever! As we were leaving, Dallin asked where we were going and when I said we were heading home, he yelled out, "NO! I want to go to the beach!!!" You said it buddy!

Best picture we could get as a group! LOL

Greatest vacation!!

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