Monday, September 15, 2014

Into the Woods We Go

At the beginning of August my parents invited us and Kara & Garrett to come stay with them at a cabin they had for a few days which was in Show Low. I was super excited for many reasons: 1.) I love any excuse to see Karrett 2.) Hanging out with family is always fun 3.) I'm always happy about cooler weather and 4.) I LOVE the woods more than anything! More than the beach or any other place(Disneyland is a close second.....or maybe the Balboa beach house...)- I love the smell of pines and everything about being outside in beautiful weather accompanied with the smells and sounds of nature!

 We stayed from Wednesday to Saturday and it was oh so fun! The cabin had a pool table, vending machines, deer shooting game, and cable TV (a treat for us and the kids since we don't have it!)! We went to the park, had dance parties, played pool, explored in the backyard/front yard, went on a trail across the street, went on hike and lounged around. Most "eventful" thing that happened was that on the first night we stayed there, Karrett woke up to a lot of noise outside. Through their window the could see a big BLACK BEAR going through the trash can! Next morning, the trash all over the place was proof that it wasn't a hallucination! We were all a little jumpy to be walking around in the woods after that!

It was seriously the most fun and I wish that we could have stayed longer.This has been a great year of vacations for us! A huge thank you to my parents for inviting us, for the food, and the wonderful time we had! Let's make this a tradition :)