Saturday, October 18, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

This year we got our family pictures done pretty early. Since I wanted to get some pictures of Trevin for his first birthday, I just decided it would be easier on everyone to combine getting his pictures done, and doing our annual family photo-shoot. 

As it always goes, the stress of cordinating outfits was kinda getting to me, but I tried not to get too carried away, especially since we didn't really have the budget to go all out. Jared and I actually wore the same outfits- just jazzed up a little to give variety and appear like it wasn't a copy of the prior year :). I only bought Dallin & Addie a new outfit since they didn't have anything remotely "fall" so all in all, it didn't cost too much.
The photo-shoot began chaotic starting at home trying to get the whole circus (our family) dressed and hair done. NOBODY seemed to like what I had picked out for them to wear and was audibly complaining about it. I have to give Jared extra husband points because he wasn't thrilled about having to wear his attire when it was 92 degrees outside (remember we're pretending its actually autumn!!) but to make me happy, he wore what I had set out even though I'd lovingly told him he could wear something else. I was really appreciative that he was a good sport about it and didn't argue about the whole thing....He knows how to make me happy :). 

Yeah, if you thought the grumbling ended once they were all dressed, you'd better think again! Minutes after Jared styled Dallin's hair, Dallin had put his Yoda hat on and ruined it so Jared had to do it again. Then we heard some more complaining on the way there and throughout the whole photoshoot. Prior to this, I was imagining a fun time where we were playing and having a grand-ole time but that was simply not how anyone was behaving! Dallin flat out refused to look happy in most his pictures, Trevin was having a hard time walking in the shoes I'd thrown on his feet for the first time ever (way to think ahead, huh??) and Addie was picking out all the weeds that'd gotten stuck in her shoes. Not my most favorite hour ever. 

HOWEVER, the wonderful Kayla somehow captured the rare seconds when we all....okay some of us....looked slightly jolly. Thank goodness she did a great job!! I really like getting family pictures done each year because they have a way of capturing our family dynamic during that time. Plus, they're fun to look back on at years past- and I like recent photos hanging on my walls! WHEW! So glad those are done for this year!! :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Trevin's First Birthday!

How did this day get here already? I seriously can't understand how he went from being this:

To being a big one year old! Every time my babies reach that one-year mark, it somehow comes as a big surprise to me! Ahh! They grow up too quickly!
Trevin has always been a very easy going personality, but I think that's all about to change! He really likes "getting in the middle" whenever the kids are running around laughing, or when Jared tickles Addie and Dallin, Trevin will often come in the middle to join in. He loves to smile and goof around, and recently we started hiding around corners and jumping out saying, "boo!" and he thinks that's the best thing ever. He makes car noises when he pushes around vehicles by saying, "ahhhhh"- it's pretty cute. He also signs "all done" and says "yuck!" which he just picked up a couple of days ago when I was saying that because he was trying to eat a leaf. He can't pronounce it super accurately (obviously!) but he goes around the house shaking his head going "ahk!". He likes to dance to music by shaking his head "no" back and forth. Trevin really really loves balls since a young age and likes it when you play catch with him. I sit across from him and toss the ball to him and he flings it back- for being one, he has a decent arm! He loves being outside- specifically putting rocks and other "outside" things in his mouth- but we haven't' gotten a chance to be out there much. Hopefully once it cools off, we can be outside enough that he'll learn what is not edible ;). He does'nt like milk yet and I'm almost done weaning him, so I'm a little worried about his weight declining, except that he REALLY loves food. He's not picky at all and pretty much will eat whatever I put on his tray. **Funny story** one night I was holding him and went to get the jar of nuts to munch on. As I put my hand in to get some out, he starts going, "num! num! num!" and as I went to put a handful in my mouth, he opened his too and was fussing until I went to go get him a snack too! Silly boy! This boy already knows how to throw tantrums and will let you know when he is unhappy or wants something- fortunately that isn't terribly often yet that he puts his foot down!

Some things about Trevin:
~Our first kid to make it to 20 lbs at one years old!
~He has 8 teeth
~Was walking at 11 months
~He loves any rare opportunity he gets to come outside 
~He says "yuck"
~He loves the dishwasher and will come running whenever he hears it open
~Balls are his absolute favorite things and he just learned how to say it (2 weeks after his birthday)
~He loves to pound on the piano
~He is always making noises and I will copy him and he and I will go around singing to each other for a large portion of the day
~He loves his siblings, despite how much they pester him (ahem! Dallin)
~Wrestling and playing with Jared is one of his favorite things!
~Bath time is his highlight of the day
~Wherever we go, he gets compliments about his big blue eyes
~He doesn't like pets and is afraid of cats and dogs
~He likes fighting with light sabers just as much as his brother
~Adding a sound effect to any action instantly makes it funny :)

At one year, here are his stats:
Height: 31 1/4'' (93%)
Weight: 20lbs. (28%) (our first kid to make it to 20 at one year!)
Head: 18 1/4' (59%)

We sure love our Trevin boy!!! :) Happy birthday, son!