Sunday, November 30, 2014

Adelyn's 5th birthday!

Geesh! It's one day away from December and I am so behind on blogging! Our baby (or not so baby girl anymore!) turned 5 this year! Can you believe it?? She has been so extremely excited about her birthday, we were hearing about it months and months ago! She'd invite kids to her "birthday party" (the one she was throwing for herself lol) and then the mom of those children would ask me about it and I'd have to explain that her birthday wasn't for another 4 months and I hadn't even started planning a party yet! Speaking of party, she REALLY wanted to have a friend party since she hadn't had one since she was 1. But every day the theme she wanted to do would change. Getting frustrated, I finally just told her we were going to do a "These are a few of my favorite things" party- which basically we ended up doing activities that she wanted to do- with no particular theme. It turned out great, the kids had fun, and it seemed to be all that Addie hoped and dreamed it would be, so that's all that mattered, right??

We played with makeshift paddles to keep the balloons afloat, bean bag toss, pin the tail on the Pinkie Pie, made candy necklaces, musical hula hoops, ate cake, and let the kids run and play. For the most part it was a really low key party to host- which was the most important part for me!

On the morning of her party, she was actually mad about having it because we'd already celebrated her real birthday. She was a little confused that we celebrated on Wednesday and then had her party on Saturday. She insisted that her birthday wasn't supposed to be two days. Fortunately, she got over it and was chipper again before her guests came :)
More than anything, Adelyn wanted "Beauty" a palace pet for Princess Aurora from Build a Bear. Since the doll was $25 just for the doll- with no clothes or accessories included (why are they so expensive???!!?)- we only gave her that and a Rossetta barbie. Thankfully she had cards and my parents brought her a gift so she had some other presents to open! She was pretty excited to go to build a bear and pick out "the perfect pet!" later that week.

 Dallin had preschool that morning and Trevin fell asleep on our way there and I don't remember what Jared had going on, but it was nice to have it be just mommy daughter time and go get Beauty. It's nice to get that time together, even if it's only occasionally!

Some things about Addie:

~She has gotten to be a fabulous bike rider, we're thinking it's almost time to take those training wheels off!
~She is an avid colorer and loves thinking up projects to do
~Anything pink and girly is her favorite
~She still loves looking at books 
~She is starting to read(beginning stages) and will spell words when we help her out. We also practice sounding words out when we read through books.
~She likes to make her own "books" by stapling paper together and she draws the pictures and then I write the words she tells me to put down
~Addie is a great big sister and is a big help to me
~She LOVES, LOVES preschool!
~She has a fascination with anything spooky or scary, but gets freaked out easily from it
~ Addie thinks she is also a mom and I often here her lecturing Dallin
~She has started feeling all high and mighty since going to preschool and doesn't want to talk to Dallin much when we pick her up...we're working on being more polite ;)
~Addie is very into her friends lately which is fun, but I'm trying to teach her to be an independent person and do her own thing. It's tricky because I was the same way- I always wanted to follow the crowd too.
~She likes putting on "plays" for us. Today she started her play by saying, "Hello there. Addie Marie Bass here!" LOL :)
~She wants very badly to be a princess. The other day she asked me, "Mom, are there real princesses??" when I replied that there were she continued. "Can't I just be a princess already??"
~Adelyn likes to dress herself still, but thankfully she's started letting me give her pointers on the attire she chooses. She doesn't always take my advice- but sometimes she does so that's good! I think she might be listening too, because he outfits typically aren't too terrible!
~She has become very sensitive lately and if I compliment or commend Dallin without saying anything to her, she'll get offended. She thinks that I'm displeased with her if I say something positive to Dallin but not to her also.
~She sings all day long- whenever she's playing with toys, they are usually singing some funny song. Her lyrics are hilarious!

We sure love our Addie girl! She brings so much funny drama (you should here her pretending!) and flare to our lives. Tonight she stormed off to her room and I found her sulking on her bed. When I asked her what was going on, she told me that no one (meaning anyone in the family) had told her she was beautiful, or cute, or pretty, and that no one liked or loved her and they didn't want to cuddle with her. So we remedied that and she was back to her jolly self again! Addie definitely keeps us on our toes! She is kind and thoughtful and is a definite pleaser. She has a very hard time when she gets in trouble- she honestly never needs a firm punishment because being displeased at her is enough to get her upset. We love our sweet little girl and I dread the day that she's not so little anymore! Happy birthday Addie!

Preschool Field Trips

 This year I started doing a mommy swap preschool for Dallin and two other great kids. It's been a really good experience and I've loved getting to know their moms even better (Chelsea's older son did preschool with Addie so we were good friends, but I didn't know Katie as well before-hand). But since there are only 3 kids and all of us moms don't have an abundance of time to teach twice a month, we decided to throw in a field trip once a month! It's been really fun and we've done a lot of cool things that we've never done before. So far we've gone to a pumpkin patch, open gym, and story time with Mother Goose.

Our "little monkeys" at the gym

They had a cute little hay ride we got to go on that was pretty sweet!

The kids got to sift for gold and turn it in for a prize!
This was one of the first lessons I taught with this group and they did SO well! They are building rockets to go along with our outer space themed lesson!

Preschool has been really good for Dallin and he looks forward to it every week. He sometimes has a hard time sitting or waiting until it's snack time, but he's doing better already. It's so fun to see him growing and learning in new ways!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Phoenix Temple Open House

The month of October, our temple FINALLY was available for the open house tours. I can't tell you how anxious we've been for this and how long we've waited. Even though both the Gilbert and Glendale (Phoenix) temples were both announced at the same time that they'd be built- our temple has gotten delayed from day one. The neighbors in surrounding land were stubborn and irritated with having a massive building in their backyard that would attract unwanted traffic and business. Understandable, considering that when those homes were originally built, they were in the middle of nowhere- trying to get away from all the hustle and bustle of downtown Phoenix. So there were A LOT of city meetings to try and work with the people who were opposed to the temple being built. Fortunately, things have resolved for the most part and there is no longer the strong animosity that once existed.
With that back story, you can see how YEARS later we are so extremely thrilled to have it all be done and able to go inside! We took our neighbor, Mickey through with us- who has almost been like a Grandma to all of us. We were glad she wanted to come with us!
The first feeling I had as I entered, was similar to the feeling you get when you walk into your home after a long vacation. The feeling that hits you that tells you that, "you are home". Well that wonderful feeling washed over me and I was grinning like a kid on his birthday! The kids were so extremely excited to go in too! In fact, one night we went just to see the outside (this was before our tour) and the kids could hardly stand it that we weren't going inside....their little bodies were just itching to see what was inside this temple! We've been lucky that we've gotten to go to two open houses this year so they sort of knew what to expect.....well all except Trevin. He literally squawked and hollered through almost the entire tour. Hard to let it all sink in when you're trying to hush the obstinate kid! He wanted to walk but had no interest in being shuffled around where he was supposed to go- he wanted to roam free and would start pitching a fit whenever I tried steering him in the right direction.
Since Trevin kind of ruined the experience (particularly for me since I was holding him) I was so grateful to go again! My non- member friend whom I used to watch her kids, was supposed to come through with me. But at the last minute, she had car troubles so I ended up going by myself since my mom was watching the boys and Addie was at preschool! It was the sweetest experience and I soaked it all in. There were literally rooms that I didn't even remember walking in!! I guess when you have a screaming child it's a little distracting ;).
We are so excited for the cultural celebration next Sunday after which the temple will officially be open! I can't wait! We have so much gratitude that the temple will be so close to us (5 minutes away!!) and Jared and I are excited that we'll easily be able to do sessions for date nights now. We are thrilled for all the blessings this temple has already brought our family!

It's raining, it's pouring

Several months back we got a huge storm that came through flooding streets and freeways like I've never seen before. I felt like we'd moved to another state without us knowing it! The weather also cooled down considerably- 70's are not typical for September- which was definite plus! We went to go visit the temple that day while we were out puddle jumping, so here are some of the pictures we took!

A week or so later, the city came through and sucked up some of the excess rain water to help reduce the mosquito population

This is the church parking lot next to the temple

We definitely appreciated all the rain- but I have to say that the mosquitoes have been ruthless this year!