Sunday, November 30, 2014

Preschool Field Trips

 This year I started doing a mommy swap preschool for Dallin and two other great kids. It's been a really good experience and I've loved getting to know their moms even better (Chelsea's older son did preschool with Addie so we were good friends, but I didn't know Katie as well before-hand). But since there are only 3 kids and all of us moms don't have an abundance of time to teach twice a month, we decided to throw in a field trip once a month! It's been really fun and we've done a lot of cool things that we've never done before. So far we've gone to a pumpkin patch, open gym, and story time with Mother Goose.

Our "little monkeys" at the gym

They had a cute little hay ride we got to go on that was pretty sweet!

The kids got to sift for gold and turn it in for a prize!
This was one of the first lessons I taught with this group and they did SO well! They are building rockets to go along with our outer space themed lesson!

Preschool has been really good for Dallin and he looks forward to it every week. He sometimes has a hard time sitting or waiting until it's snack time, but he's doing better already. It's so fun to see him growing and learning in new ways!

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