Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I've been terrible

Many months have past since the last time I posted, which hasn't really bothered me, until now. I'm currently in the process of printing off 2011's blog posts and loving all the detail I devoted to Addie and Dallin's younger years. Poor kids have hardly any posts on them for this year! So here's a small attempt at catching up.
Trevin turned 2! That boy is growing faster and faster everyday. When we measured him on our family growth board, he is probably less than a half inch away from Addie and Dallin when they were THREE!! He is repetitively mistaken for an older child based on height alone and he is the only one of the Bass children (to this day) that is consistent with clothing and age (or speeds ahead). A & D get into the next size clothing around 6 months after a new birthday.
 For awhile I was concerned with the amount of words he was not saying, but has caught up ten fold because I had a running list going of the words he could say up until his birthday and I want to think it was well over 35 words he consistently could say! Even now, his language improves daily and is saying 3 word sentences.
Trevin loves, loves Trains! They're his favorite thing and have been for quite some time. He also loves Elmo, Mickey Mouse, balls, and babies. He really loves being read to and doing anything his siblings do- which drives them crazy a lot! Happy birthday Trevy!
Speaking of birthdays, Addie also had hers and she turned 6! She has been so excited for months and has been planning a birthday party that I never had any intention of throwing. She even wrote out "invitations" and passed them out to some of her friends at school. It was getting to the point that moms were asking when the party was....uhhh that was fun to explain! I just flat out have not been in the "party making mood" this year. So instead of doing a party, we let her pick 1 friend to bring with either Jared or I to go see Hotel Transylvania 2 in theatres. WAY less costly than throwing a party and SIGNIFICANTLY less work for me! Addie brought her friend, Abbie with her and it was really cute listening to them chatting about school in the back seat. They had a fun time and it was fun being the parent to spend time with Addie and her friend. With Adelyn being in full day kinder, I feel like I don't get any 1 on 1 time with her anymore.
For her family party, we tried to make it as celebratory as possible since she appreciates things like that. So Jared and I decorated the house and I slaved over making homemade cinnamon rolls (which turned out mediocre so I'll never be making them again!) and my brothers came over to eat pizza and watch her open presents. My parents weren't able to come since my sister had her baby two days before and they were spending time helping out in California! Addie was really glad we could video chat them and see her Auntie and baby cousin too :).
Adelyn loves kindergarten but has started getting a little sad about the days I volunteer whenever it's time for me to leave. Not sure where this random burst of sadness is coming from since she's never been a clingy child. But she also has been saying things like, "I just want to stay home with you" so i think it might just be a long day for her. She loves PE and art, and music and does really well in school. I'm proud of how well she listens and does her work.
Dallin had his 4th birthday during the summer, but I'm sure I probably forgot to post about it. We had spent the week in Newport Beach and were driving back to AZ on his birthday so my mom was nice enough to make his treat and decorate. He loved his Yoda cinnamon roll! All of my family came over including their girlfriends, so I'm sure he felt super loved!
 Dallin is doing really well in preschool, although he definitely has a stubborn streak sometimes and tells Mrs. Lori "I don't want to do that" and will try and play instead. He's gotten better though, and I think the show-downs are fewer and farther between (i hope!). He loves his siblings fiercely and we've finally figured out that his love language is indeed touch- which explains all that hands on "loving" (patting, smacking,hugging, touching) all the time. I've been working on reading and recognizing letters with him and he's doing fantastic! He still loves Star Wars very much and talks about it all the time, though he doesn't wear his Yoda hat very often anymore, I think it was making him feel funny that everyone always made comments about it. Dallin has become a skilled colorer and cutter- he and Addie can sit at the table drawing and cutting for very long periods of times!

I will be 28 weeks tomorrow! Crazy how soon we'll have another baby to love in such a short amount of time. The picture below was taken when I was 20 weeks, so you can imagine the growth since then :). I've been asked if we were expecting twins, if I am due any day and one lady in our ward ran into me at the grocery store and said how shocked she was that I was still up and moving around. When I told her I was due in February- how could I just sit in bed for that long, she was so surprised- she thought I was due any day.
25 weeks...don't mind Trevin playing on the toilet ha!
Jared just got back from his hunting trip with his dad and was very successful this year! His dad will be set on meat for quite some time! He also helped Kent fix one of his off roaders and helped out with the roof- sounds like a relaxing vacation to me ha! ;) But Jared loved spending time out there and seeing his dad. Unfortunately, the timing didn't work out and his brothers were only able to come the week after Jared left. Hopefully we'll be seeing them and their families in the summer though when we fly to Florida!
He also had his company party last month and got recognized for being with the company 5 years! Congrats hun!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Exciting Adventures Await

The close of the summer has come and onto new adventures! School couldn't have come sooner, the kids were beyond excited (and so was I!). They got to take swimming lessons over the summer and Addie took a short, free, dance class that lasted a few weeks. She was really excited about the concert they put on and getting to be on stage at the stake center. Swimming lessons was great for Addie and Dallin! We got them in to semi private lessons and they both loved it! We even got proof that the time and money was worth it- a few weeks after their lessons ended, Addie accidentally fell into a friend's pool and swam out with no problem or concerns (other than she thought she'd be in BIG trouble),. Jared was outside with her when she fell in, so nothing too terrible would have happened, but it was such a relief to us that she was able to handle the situation with zero issues. Big sigh of relief considering they couldn't swim AT ALL at the start of the summer!

Alas! School has started and it's going great! I have to say that it is only week 2 and this picking up/ dropping off is getting a bit crazy. I hope when the cooler weather comes, we'll spend less time in the air conditioned car, and more time walking to our various destinations!
Addie loves, loves school and tells me so nearly every day. She gets to go full day, which means 8:45-3:20 so I'ts been a little bit of a transition for her to be gone all day. She told me on week 2 that she wished I was her bus driver or teacher so she could see me more....so sweet to hear :). But I know she does just fine. This year, kindergartners get to do specials! So she enjoys going to music, art, and PE in addition to library and computer lab once a week.

Dallin gets to be in Mrs. Lori's preschool Tues, Wed, Thurs from 9-1! He loves it, although i hear less about his day than I do or did with Addie. I basically have to ask Mrs. Lori the next day how he did since I don't hear hardly anything about their activities! Being around other kids his age and having set rules has really helped his behavior at home. Especially on the days he has preschool, he comes home mostly kind and mellow towards his siblings. Whew! What a relief! 
Trevin gets to stay at home with me! I am discovering that he has a slightly different personality than I've realized what with all the busyness of his siblings around so much during the summer. My sweet and typically content boy has turned more demanding with a bigger requirement for attention. He loves playing with cars, balls and trains and is FINALLY starting to utter more words. For awhile we wondered if he was capable of talking besides the 10 words he knew! I think the one on one time has helped. He's adjusted nicely to nursery now (it was rocky for several months) and he's been forced to get used to being separated from me, with all the doctor appointments and school meetings I've already had to go to (which is a lot!).
Which brings me to my last point, we are happy to announce that we are 15 weeks pregnant!! As of today, it looks like our little Bass baby will be a girl!! I'm still not planning on that just yet since we are a tad early, so until we have our 20 week ultrasound, I'll feel more certain. But we are still very thrilled! It will be nice to have an even amount of boy and girl in our family :)

13.5 weeks

Monday, June 1, 2015

Start of the Summer

The start of the summer is in full swing. Addie finished up preschool and it is definitely hot already. To keep ourselves good and busy, we have a lot of things lined up every day. Monday: Babysit 3 kids. Tuesday: Dance class and library day. Wednesday: Swim lessons and Dallin's "preschool day". Thursday: Meet up with friends at Wet N wild. Friday: Swim lessons, playgroup, and Jared's day off (every other week). If we stay good and busy, there is a good chance we wont go completely insane!! I think we have a lot of do-able activities that will be fun and not completely stressful...but only time will tell!

Two weeks ago, we met up with Barry, Jeanni and their family just outside of the strip in Las Vegas. We had a lot of fun spending time with them and had a blast hanging out at the pool and even got to go to a magic show on one of the afternoons! The weather was perfect for taking walks so it was nice to get out and not stay cooped up in the hotel or water area. I'm so glad we were able to meet up with them! The kids liked playing with cousins, and it's always great to see Jared's family!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March Madness

Once again, a few months have passed and I'm thinking about all the updating I should be doing. Here is some of the "madness" going on in our lives.

Addie (5 yrs.) loves going to preschool at Mrs. Lori's house. I am so glad we decided to send her- she has gotten to know each individual letter more in depth and has definitely making significant improvement on letter recognition, and has started getting so good at sounding out words and knowing sight words. We've started reading very basic books and she is doing great! She loves to draw, color, sing, dance and pretend. She loves spending time with friends, but still needs "quiet time" when she is able to be by herself. Probably several times a day, I find her quietly looking at books alone. This girl loves her pet, Beauty, that she got from her birthday. Her pink cat gets "fed", clothed, bathed, and pampered several times a day. She has become quite the member of the family....sometimes we wish we hadn't gotten it for her birthday- but she certainly loves it! Addie's personality has been changing this year, and I can see how her innocence is being more exposed to things of the world- not in any crazy way thankfully. But her attitude she is giving us, and questions she asks, are giving me reason to believe that we will be going into a new chapter in our lives soon. I think school next year will be a change for the whole family.

Beauty during meal time

Dallin (3.5 yrs.) has really gotten into drawing lately, and you can probably guess what he draws- Jedi, lightsabers, and Yoda. He's been also been on an Aladdin kick lately, so now he is drawing those too, but his main interest is still Star Wars. I eat it up, he loves to learn the names of all the Jedi (which he knows all of them except some of the obscure ones)and refers to battles by telling me the colors of their lightsabers. I have started focusing more on letters with Dallin and so we are taking a letter and focusing on it for a week. I found a Star Wars letter workbook that he LOVES- but it sort of backfired on me since instead of telling me the letter, he tells me the Star Wars character. For example: he looks at an A and tells me it's "Anakin Skywalker", because in the workbook they have it being A for Anakin :). He can verbally spell his name and just this last week started spelling it on his own! I've been working with him on this recently, but he has just been doing on his own it all of a sudden! He spells it, "Dilln" but that is a good start! Dallin really enjoys building things- so he really loves his legos and these building toys we laughably got from Wendy's. Those have been BY FAR the best kid's meal toy we've ever gotten. He carries them everywhere and constantly builds new things with them! Dallin is still a challenge with constantly smuggling Trevin, and it's hard to not get discouraged. Time outs had very little effect with him, so I've recently tried a new tactic and i take away toys or privileges. So far, that seems to work a little better, but no significant difference yet. I also focus on "good behavior" and "bad behavior", so I ask him constantly which one that is, and warn him if he is doing bad behavior and that if he continues, he will get something taken away. Honestly, it's a struggle every day to stay positive, though some days are better than others. Jared reminds me often that he isn't really that bad but a little more affectionate than most kids and likes to physically show it. I personally think he loves Trevin a little too much ;) but I know that they'll be good friends later on- they honestly love each other so much and have a fun brotherly bond.

Dallin and his Wendy's building toy

Trevin (17 mos.) is getting so big I can hardly stand it! He is still tall for his age, and is actually taller than most kids his age (a first for any of our kids!). He says words, but isn't in any hurry to pick up new words any time soon. He mainly communicates by saying,  "uhh" when he points at things- which I don't think that motivates him to talk. He says a lot of words that start with B since they all sort of sound the same "ball" "balloon" are among some that he yells, "baa!!" for. He can also say, "uh-oh, woof woof, num num(for food), mom, dad, da (which i think is Dallin)" car noises, and more, but I just can't think of the other ones he says. Like I said, pointing and "uhh" seem to apply to most everything at this point! He thinks he likes dogs, but really doesn't. Or any animal for that matter- he gets super excited when he sees something, he yells & screams with delight and laughs (he just goes nuts) but the second they get to close for his comfort, he's instantly terrified and cries like they've taken his arm off. It's the strangest thing. He really loves to chase birds, but probably because they never let him get too close so in his mind he's still "safe". Trevin is definitely our most clingy child- Dallin was a close second- but Trevin still has him beat. I've taken him to nursery for the last month, trying to acclimate him to being there. He is fine with it all, until the second I'm not in his line of vision. The few times I've left him briefly to grab something, I've come back to him crying his head off, pointing to the door crying, "mom mom". It's the most saddest, pathetic thing :(. I feel like it will be a really tough transition for him next week when I officially bring him in and leave him there :/. Trevin really loves balls, bouncing on the trampoline, playing with cars sometimes, and pestering his siblings when he tries to do the same things they do. He has gotten better at climbing things this week and so he's started to get into more mischief. I was surprised he didn't learn this earlier, Dallin was a master at it well before he turned one- the Lord must have have given us a break with that so I could keep some of my sanity with these three :). Something random i'd like to note: Trevin doesn't play with my hair as often when he goes to sleep- now he plays with his own hair when he's trying to mellow down- I guess I can't cut it now! He still is madly attached his binkie and blanket, which is why he only gets them at bed times now.

Jared has of course been working and the company has been really good to him, making it evident that they value him and want him to keep-up his good work. They enrolled him in this leadership class that meets for 8 weeks, so he's been doing that every couple of weekends. He recently set up the trampoline someone gave us and despite my hesitancy towards it, it has been the best thing! Jared loves going out there and playing with the kids on it. It's a great way for the kids to get their sillies out at the end of the day, and they haven't gotten tired of it in the least bit. Church meetings, volleyball & ultimate Frisbee keep Jared occupied during the week but he loves getting outside and working up a sweat. Even though he's not home very long(during the week at least), when he is home, he is always very helpful. I appreciate all the dishes, disciplining, cooking, repairing, cleaning, bathing, yard work, and anything else that's needed done that he does for me. I definitely hit the jackpot with this guy!

I keep myself plenty busy during the week- sometimes I wonder why I put so much on my plate at one time. Just last week, I refurbished an end table I bought, finished the book for book club, and made a shutterfly book. That may not sound like a lot, but when you only have 2-3.5 hours of nap time to work with each day(but not a guarantee), that is a lot to accomplish in that brief frame of time! I have book club, girls night, and craft night that are each once a month, so that helps to give me time by myself and help me feel like my own person. It's been really good for me to have places to go on occasion. I also try and have our elderly widowed neighbor over for dinner once a week too. She is so sweet and has become like our adopted grandma to us. Jared and I have also been trying to go on dates a bit more regularly (which means more often than once every 3-6 months) and that has also been good for us. Other than that, we spend the days taking Addie to and from preschool, running errands, and doing our daily activities. I take the kids out AT LEAST once a day, otherwise we all seem to go insane, so I suppose I'm the one who keeps us all busy.But I wouldn't choose it any other way.
Mickey reading to the kids before bed

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Start of 2015

It's been awhile since any update on our family. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to catch up!

Jared has been very busy with work and his calling. Quite honestly, he doesn't have too much spare time for himself, but I can tell he feels happy when he's serving the Elder's Quorum as much as he can. Saturday mornings he goes and plays with a group of people who play ultimate Frisbee. He really enjoys playing with friends. He still tries to work out during the week too, but that has gotten tricky as our lives have gotten busier (mostly his). But when he's home the kids love playing on the trampoline with him where he tries to teach them new tricks. He's also teaching Addie to ride her bike without training wheels, I think he expected her to catch on a little quicker, even so, Jared's been very patient with her.

I've been released in the primary presidency and just got called to be the Relief Society chorister. This is a perfect fit for me! I've already done music for sacrament meeting, so this will be a breeze! I needed something less busy, since Sundays have been difficult with Jared and my responsibilities. I'm also glad this will be significantly less computer work :) I've made a conscious goal to work with Addie and Dallin on school learning, since I've felt a lack on my part. It's tricky every day trying to find the time. 

Addie has been riding her bike (as mentioned) and doing well in preschool. She is getting better and better at basic sight words and we have started reading small and simple books. It surprises me how quickly she can catch on. My obedient child has made a turn in another direction and is quite the little sass lately. Not a fan. Mornings were a struggle to get out the door with any kind of organization(and without tears and yelling), so I got on pintrest and printed off morning schedules and that has helped significantly. She is dutiful about following her list of things to do in the morning. She has been extra emotional lately and we feel the same way we did when she was a baby- like we are walking on egg shells. If we tell another member of the family that they're doing a good job at something we will find her in her room later because she was upset we didn't tell her good job. It's been tricky, but we've noticed the days she's the worst is on days she had a hard time at school with her friends. Needless to say, I'm not as excited for her to start full day kindergarten next year as I used to be. That being said, she loves going to school and learning.

Dallin knows and loves the letter D but that's about it as far as the alphabet goes. I'm trying to do the same thing I did with Addie- which was naming things constantly but sounding out the first letter- which is why Dallin knows D..."D da Dallin" but we're working on family names and letter sounds now, trying to broaden his alphabet. I found this Star Wars workbook that I'm seriously thinking of buying because he might be more interested if the letters pertained to Star wars characters. Yes, Dallin still has a complete obsession with anything related to Star Wars. He will look at the books and recite all the characters to himself and it cracks me up! Dallin has been very sensitive lately, and gets sad or mad easily and will tell us frequently how he's feeling. The other day I asked him if he was sad (he was grumpy) and he replied with, "NO! I'M NOT A SAD BOY, I'M A MAD BOY!!" well alright then! He loves going to preschool and knows his shapes, he's a smart kid, he just doesn't' get the 1 on 1 attention Addie got at this age. I laugh because he tries to sound out words like Addie does, he's too funny.

Trevin is 16 months this week and is a pretty active boy. He wants to do everything his siblings do, which is tricky sometimes! He loves being outside, balloons, playing catch, walks, slides, looking at dogs and birds(but not touching them!),playing with balls, and "riding bikes". He can follow basic commands, his favorites are, "go find your shoes", "let's go outside", and "go get the ball". He loves playing with Jared but definitely is still a Mamma's boy. I love it most times, but it's frustrating when I want to go somewhere in the evenings since he cries for Jared and he won't go to sleep. He likes his blanket and binkie which is probably one of my favorite things he does since they tend to make him really mellow and extra cuddly :). Trevin is also very playful and loves tackling anyone who is on the floor. He also has a mischievous side- and has started hitting when he gets mad. He also hits Dallin whenever he's laying down or in a position where he's "smaller" than him which Dallin hates and cries about.....it's hard teaching a 3 year old "what goes around comes around" lol. Trevin's language is getting more extensive, he has some made up signs (for more or num num) which he also can say. He can also say, woof woof, ball, ba (balloon), uh oh, shoes (only on occasion), mum, and makes car noises. But mostly he says "uh" to get our attention- either that or screeches like an owl- obviously it's our project to break both habits to make it easier on our ears :) I honestly think he's smart enough to talk more, he just knows he can get his point across without having to. Trevin gets really sad whenever Jared leaves without him(as do we all), so sometimes he has to sneak out of the house- or at least I wish he would lol.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Christmas Break

Christmas was very nice this year, but honestly uneventful (as far as documenting anything exciting goes). The kids were of course beyond excited and loved their gifts. Dallin got a lot of star wars toys- including the Yoda lightsaber he's always wanted, Addie got girly things- she was most excited about the singing Elsa doll, and Trevin got some toys, but he mostly loved his big ball. Unfortunately, we didn't really take any pictures, besides a few on our phones. Oh! One funny thing I remembered (the downside to blogging a month later is trying to remember the details!) was that Santa ordered Dallin's lightsaber well in advance but didn't bother opening the long, skinny rectangular box because he already knew what it contained. Well, fast forward to about 5 days before Christmas, and imagine his surprise when he opens it up to see that the lightsaber had been bent! AHHH!!! Disney was very accommodating in getting us a new one in time for Christmas, and even let us keep the broken one, which we hid, not knowing what to do with it. Well, thank goodness for that mishap because we had one jealous little Jedi when Dallin got his lightsaber! So Jared suggested we grab the broken one and bring it in for Trevin to use- so now we have one for each of them :).

New Years Eve we drove to Prescott to enjoy the freshly fallen snow. Everyone had so much fun playing in it- except Trevin who cried anytime I put him down or took him sledding down the hill- the kids were good sports about being cold (generally speaking) and were really excited about sledding. It was a short and sweet trip, we only stayed one night, but we got to play in the snow twice (which was plenty since it takes SO long to get everyone prepped for it!). I love improv family trips that end up being so simple, yet full of rich memories. I'm so glad we went.

That weekend we went to this local free train ride that we loved! I was surprised how long the actual ride was, we were on it for probably 15-20 minutes! Trevin was leaning away from me really strange, and it took me half the ride to realize he'd fallen asleep! I would like to make it a family tradition to go, it's really close to us, and it was fun for the kids!

A couple of other random things: Jared started teaching Addie how to ride a bike without training wheels- I think both of us forgot that it takes awhile lol.
And here is the cutest picture of Dallin- I took him along while I changed up the church primary bulletin, and so here he is with all his new Star Wars toys standing at attention, which he brought in his new Star Wars backpack, wearing his Star Wars slippers, and he's watching ______{Star Wars}.  :)