Monday, January 26, 2015

Christmas Break

Christmas was very nice this year, but honestly uneventful (as far as documenting anything exciting goes). The kids were of course beyond excited and loved their gifts. Dallin got a lot of star wars toys- including the Yoda lightsaber he's always wanted, Addie got girly things- she was most excited about the singing Elsa doll, and Trevin got some toys, but he mostly loved his big ball. Unfortunately, we didn't really take any pictures, besides a few on our phones. Oh! One funny thing I remembered (the downside to blogging a month later is trying to remember the details!) was that Santa ordered Dallin's lightsaber well in advance but didn't bother opening the long, skinny rectangular box because he already knew what it contained. Well, fast forward to about 5 days before Christmas, and imagine his surprise when he opens it up to see that the lightsaber had been bent! AHHH!!! Disney was very accommodating in getting us a new one in time for Christmas, and even let us keep the broken one, which we hid, not knowing what to do with it. Well, thank goodness for that mishap because we had one jealous little Jedi when Dallin got his lightsaber! So Jared suggested we grab the broken one and bring it in for Trevin to use- so now we have one for each of them :).

New Years Eve we drove to Prescott to enjoy the freshly fallen snow. Everyone had so much fun playing in it- except Trevin who cried anytime I put him down or took him sledding down the hill- the kids were good sports about being cold (generally speaking) and were really excited about sledding. It was a short and sweet trip, we only stayed one night, but we got to play in the snow twice (which was plenty since it takes SO long to get everyone prepped for it!). I love improv family trips that end up being so simple, yet full of rich memories. I'm so glad we went.

That weekend we went to this local free train ride that we loved! I was surprised how long the actual ride was, we were on it for probably 15-20 minutes! Trevin was leaning away from me really strange, and it took me half the ride to realize he'd fallen asleep! I would like to make it a family tradition to go, it's really close to us, and it was fun for the kids!

A couple of other random things: Jared started teaching Addie how to ride a bike without training wheels- I think both of us forgot that it takes awhile lol.
And here is the cutest picture of Dallin- I took him along while I changed up the church primary bulletin, and so here he is with all his new Star Wars toys standing at attention, which he brought in his new Star Wars backpack, wearing his Star Wars slippers, and he's watching ______{Star Wars}.  :)

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