Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Start of 2015

It's been awhile since any update on our family. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to catch up!

Jared has been very busy with work and his calling. Quite honestly, he doesn't have too much spare time for himself, but I can tell he feels happy when he's serving the Elder's Quorum as much as he can. Saturday mornings he goes and plays with a group of people who play ultimate Frisbee. He really enjoys playing with friends. He still tries to work out during the week too, but that has gotten tricky as our lives have gotten busier (mostly his). But when he's home the kids love playing on the trampoline with him where he tries to teach them new tricks. He's also teaching Addie to ride her bike without training wheels, I think he expected her to catch on a little quicker, even so, Jared's been very patient with her.

I've been released in the primary presidency and just got called to be the Relief Society chorister. This is a perfect fit for me! I've already done music for sacrament meeting, so this will be a breeze! I needed something less busy, since Sundays have been difficult with Jared and my responsibilities. I'm also glad this will be significantly less computer work :) I've made a conscious goal to work with Addie and Dallin on school learning, since I've felt a lack on my part. It's tricky every day trying to find the time. 

Addie has been riding her bike (as mentioned) and doing well in preschool. She is getting better and better at basic sight words and we have started reading small and simple books. It surprises me how quickly she can catch on. My obedient child has made a turn in another direction and is quite the little sass lately. Not a fan. Mornings were a struggle to get out the door with any kind of organization(and without tears and yelling), so I got on pintrest and printed off morning schedules and that has helped significantly. She is dutiful about following her list of things to do in the morning. She has been extra emotional lately and we feel the same way we did when she was a baby- like we are walking on egg shells. If we tell another member of the family that they're doing a good job at something we will find her in her room later because she was upset we didn't tell her good job. It's been tricky, but we've noticed the days she's the worst is on days she had a hard time at school with her friends. Needless to say, I'm not as excited for her to start full day kindergarten next year as I used to be. That being said, she loves going to school and learning.

Dallin knows and loves the letter D but that's about it as far as the alphabet goes. I'm trying to do the same thing I did with Addie- which was naming things constantly but sounding out the first letter- which is why Dallin knows D..."D da Dallin" but we're working on family names and letter sounds now, trying to broaden his alphabet. I found this Star Wars workbook that I'm seriously thinking of buying because he might be more interested if the letters pertained to Star wars characters. Yes, Dallin still has a complete obsession with anything related to Star Wars. He will look at the books and recite all the characters to himself and it cracks me up! Dallin has been very sensitive lately, and gets sad or mad easily and will tell us frequently how he's feeling. The other day I asked him if he was sad (he was grumpy) and he replied with, "NO! I'M NOT A SAD BOY, I'M A MAD BOY!!" well alright then! He loves going to preschool and knows his shapes, he's a smart kid, he just doesn't' get the 1 on 1 attention Addie got at this age. I laugh because he tries to sound out words like Addie does, he's too funny.

Trevin is 16 months this week and is a pretty active boy. He wants to do everything his siblings do, which is tricky sometimes! He loves being outside, balloons, playing catch, walks, slides, looking at dogs and birds(but not touching them!),playing with balls, and "riding bikes". He can follow basic commands, his favorites are, "go find your shoes", "let's go outside", and "go get the ball". He loves playing with Jared but definitely is still a Mamma's boy. I love it most times, but it's frustrating when I want to go somewhere in the evenings since he cries for Jared and he won't go to sleep. He likes his blanket and binkie which is probably one of my favorite things he does since they tend to make him really mellow and extra cuddly :). Trevin is also very playful and loves tackling anyone who is on the floor. He also has a mischievous side- and has started hitting when he gets mad. He also hits Dallin whenever he's laying down or in a position where he's "smaller" than him which Dallin hates and cries about.....it's hard teaching a 3 year old "what goes around comes around" lol. Trevin's language is getting more extensive, he has some made up signs (for more or num num) which he also can say. He can also say, woof woof, ball, ba (balloon), uh oh, shoes (only on occasion), mum, and makes car noises. But mostly he says "uh" to get our attention- either that or screeches like an owl- obviously it's our project to break both habits to make it easier on our ears :) I honestly think he's smart enough to talk more, he just knows he can get his point across without having to. Trevin gets really sad whenever Jared leaves without him(as do we all), so sometimes he has to sneak out of the house- or at least I wish he would lol.

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Amber said...

Your kids are growing! Sounds like you are a great mama, keep it up :).
Thanks for the update!