Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March Madness

Once again, a few months have passed and I'm thinking about all the updating I should be doing. Here is some of the "madness" going on in our lives.

Addie (5 yrs.) loves going to preschool at Mrs. Lori's house. I am so glad we decided to send her- she has gotten to know each individual letter more in depth and has definitely making significant improvement on letter recognition, and has started getting so good at sounding out words and knowing sight words. We've started reading very basic books and she is doing great! She loves to draw, color, sing, dance and pretend. She loves spending time with friends, but still needs "quiet time" when she is able to be by herself. Probably several times a day, I find her quietly looking at books alone. This girl loves her pet, Beauty, that she got from her birthday. Her pink cat gets "fed", clothed, bathed, and pampered several times a day. She has become quite the member of the family....sometimes we wish we hadn't gotten it for her birthday- but she certainly loves it! Addie's personality has been changing this year, and I can see how her innocence is being more exposed to things of the world- not in any crazy way thankfully. But her attitude she is giving us, and questions she asks, are giving me reason to believe that we will be going into a new chapter in our lives soon. I think school next year will be a change for the whole family.

Beauty during meal time

Dallin (3.5 yrs.) has really gotten into drawing lately, and you can probably guess what he draws- Jedi, lightsabers, and Yoda. He's been also been on an Aladdin kick lately, so now he is drawing those too, but his main interest is still Star Wars. I eat it up, he loves to learn the names of all the Jedi (which he knows all of them except some of the obscure ones)and refers to battles by telling me the colors of their lightsabers. I have started focusing more on letters with Dallin and so we are taking a letter and focusing on it for a week. I found a Star Wars letter workbook that he LOVES- but it sort of backfired on me since instead of telling me the letter, he tells me the Star Wars character. For example: he looks at an A and tells me it's "Anakin Skywalker", because in the workbook they have it being A for Anakin :). He can verbally spell his name and just this last week started spelling it on his own! I've been working with him on this recently, but he has just been doing on his own it all of a sudden! He spells it, "Dilln" but that is a good start! Dallin really enjoys building things- so he really loves his legos and these building toys we laughably got from Wendy's. Those have been BY FAR the best kid's meal toy we've ever gotten. He carries them everywhere and constantly builds new things with them! Dallin is still a challenge with constantly smuggling Trevin, and it's hard to not get discouraged. Time outs had very little effect with him, so I've recently tried a new tactic and i take away toys or privileges. So far, that seems to work a little better, but no significant difference yet. I also focus on "good behavior" and "bad behavior", so I ask him constantly which one that is, and warn him if he is doing bad behavior and that if he continues, he will get something taken away. Honestly, it's a struggle every day to stay positive, though some days are better than others. Jared reminds me often that he isn't really that bad but a little more affectionate than most kids and likes to physically show it. I personally think he loves Trevin a little too much ;) but I know that they'll be good friends later on- they honestly love each other so much and have a fun brotherly bond.

Dallin and his Wendy's building toy

Trevin (17 mos.) is getting so big I can hardly stand it! He is still tall for his age, and is actually taller than most kids his age (a first for any of our kids!). He says words, but isn't in any hurry to pick up new words any time soon. He mainly communicates by saying,  "uhh" when he points at things- which I don't think that motivates him to talk. He says a lot of words that start with B since they all sort of sound the same "ball" "balloon" are among some that he yells, "baa!!" for. He can also say, "uh-oh, woof woof, num num(for food), mom, dad, da (which i think is Dallin)" car noises, and more, but I just can't think of the other ones he says. Like I said, pointing and "uhh" seem to apply to most everything at this point! He thinks he likes dogs, but really doesn't. Or any animal for that matter- he gets super excited when he sees something, he yells & screams with delight and laughs (he just goes nuts) but the second they get to close for his comfort, he's instantly terrified and cries like they've taken his arm off. It's the strangest thing. He really loves to chase birds, but probably because they never let him get too close so in his mind he's still "safe". Trevin is definitely our most clingy child- Dallin was a close second- but Trevin still has him beat. I've taken him to nursery for the last month, trying to acclimate him to being there. He is fine with it all, until the second I'm not in his line of vision. The few times I've left him briefly to grab something, I've come back to him crying his head off, pointing to the door crying, "mom mom". It's the most saddest, pathetic thing :(. I feel like it will be a really tough transition for him next week when I officially bring him in and leave him there :/. Trevin really loves balls, bouncing on the trampoline, playing with cars sometimes, and pestering his siblings when he tries to do the same things they do. He has gotten better at climbing things this week and so he's started to get into more mischief. I was surprised he didn't learn this earlier, Dallin was a master at it well before he turned one- the Lord must have have given us a break with that so I could keep some of my sanity with these three :). Something random i'd like to note: Trevin doesn't play with my hair as often when he goes to sleep- now he plays with his own hair when he's trying to mellow down- I guess I can't cut it now! He still is madly attached his binkie and blanket, which is why he only gets them at bed times now.

Jared has of course been working and the company has been really good to him, making it evident that they value him and want him to keep-up his good work. They enrolled him in this leadership class that meets for 8 weeks, so he's been doing that every couple of weekends. He recently set up the trampoline someone gave us and despite my hesitancy towards it, it has been the best thing! Jared loves going out there and playing with the kids on it. It's a great way for the kids to get their sillies out at the end of the day, and they haven't gotten tired of it in the least bit. Church meetings, volleyball & ultimate Frisbee keep Jared occupied during the week but he loves getting outside and working up a sweat. Even though he's not home very long(during the week at least), when he is home, he is always very helpful. I appreciate all the dishes, disciplining, cooking, repairing, cleaning, bathing, yard work, and anything else that's needed done that he does for me. I definitely hit the jackpot with this guy!

I keep myself plenty busy during the week- sometimes I wonder why I put so much on my plate at one time. Just last week, I refurbished an end table I bought, finished the book for book club, and made a shutterfly book. That may not sound like a lot, but when you only have 2-3.5 hours of nap time to work with each day(but not a guarantee), that is a lot to accomplish in that brief frame of time! I have book club, girls night, and craft night that are each once a month, so that helps to give me time by myself and help me feel like my own person. It's been really good for me to have places to go on occasion. I also try and have our elderly widowed neighbor over for dinner once a week too. She is so sweet and has become like our adopted grandma to us. Jared and I have also been trying to go on dates a bit more regularly (which means more often than once every 3-6 months) and that has also been good for us. Other than that, we spend the days taking Addie to and from preschool, running errands, and doing our daily activities. I take the kids out AT LEAST once a day, otherwise we all seem to go insane, so I suppose I'm the one who keeps us all busy.But I wouldn't choose it any other way.
Mickey reading to the kids before bed