Monday, August 24, 2015

Exciting Adventures Await

The close of the summer has come and onto new adventures! School couldn't have come sooner, the kids were beyond excited (and so was I!). They got to take swimming lessons over the summer and Addie took a short, free, dance class that lasted a few weeks. She was really excited about the concert they put on and getting to be on stage at the stake center. Swimming lessons was great for Addie and Dallin! We got them in to semi private lessons and they both loved it! We even got proof that the time and money was worth it- a few weeks after their lessons ended, Addie accidentally fell into a friend's pool and swam out with no problem or concerns (other than she thought she'd be in BIG trouble),. Jared was outside with her when she fell in, so nothing too terrible would have happened, but it was such a relief to us that she was able to handle the situation with zero issues. Big sigh of relief considering they couldn't swim AT ALL at the start of the summer!

Alas! School has started and it's going great! I have to say that it is only week 2 and this picking up/ dropping off is getting a bit crazy. I hope when the cooler weather comes, we'll spend less time in the air conditioned car, and more time walking to our various destinations!
Addie loves, loves school and tells me so nearly every day. She gets to go full day, which means 8:45-3:20 so I'ts been a little bit of a transition for her to be gone all day. She told me on week 2 that she wished I was her bus driver or teacher so she could see me sweet to hear :). But I know she does just fine. This year, kindergartners get to do specials! So she enjoys going to music, art, and PE in addition to library and computer lab once a week.

Dallin gets to be in Mrs. Lori's preschool Tues, Wed, Thurs from 9-1! He loves it, although i hear less about his day than I do or did with Addie. I basically have to ask Mrs. Lori the next day how he did since I don't hear hardly anything about their activities! Being around other kids his age and having set rules has really helped his behavior at home. Especially on the days he has preschool, he comes home mostly kind and mellow towards his siblings. Whew! What a relief! 
Trevin gets to stay at home with me! I am discovering that he has a slightly different personality than I've realized what with all the busyness of his siblings around so much during the summer. My sweet and typically content boy has turned more demanding with a bigger requirement for attention. He loves playing with cars, balls and trains and is FINALLY starting to utter more words. For awhile we wondered if he was capable of talking besides the 10 words he knew! I think the one on one time has helped. He's adjusted nicely to nursery now (it was rocky for several months) and he's been forced to get used to being separated from me, with all the doctor appointments and school meetings I've already had to go to (which is a lot!).
Which brings me to my last point, we are happy to announce that we are 15 weeks pregnant!! As of today, it looks like our little Bass baby will be a girl!! I'm still not planning on that just yet since we are a tad early, so until we have our 20 week ultrasound, I'll feel more certain. But we are still very thrilled! It will be nice to have an even amount of boy and girl in our family :)

13.5 weeks