Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I've been terrible

Many months have past since the last time I posted, which hasn't really bothered me, until now. I'm currently in the process of printing off 2011's blog posts and loving all the detail I devoted to Addie and Dallin's younger years. Poor kids have hardly any posts on them for this year! So here's a small attempt at catching up.
Trevin turned 2! That boy is growing faster and faster everyday. When we measured him on our family growth board, he is probably less than a half inch away from Addie and Dallin when they were THREE!! He is repetitively mistaken for an older child based on height alone and he is the only one of the Bass children (to this day) that is consistent with clothing and age (or speeds ahead). A & D get into the next size clothing around 6 months after a new birthday.
 For awhile I was concerned with the amount of words he was not saying, but has caught up ten fold because I had a running list going of the words he could say up until his birthday and I want to think it was well over 35 words he consistently could say! Even now, his language improves daily and is saying 3 word sentences.
Trevin loves, loves Trains! They're his favorite thing and have been for quite some time. He also loves Elmo, Mickey Mouse, balls, and babies. He really loves being read to and doing anything his siblings do- which drives them crazy a lot! Happy birthday Trevy!
Speaking of birthdays, Addie also had hers and she turned 6! She has been so excited for months and has been planning a birthday party that I never had any intention of throwing. She even wrote out "invitations" and passed them out to some of her friends at school. It was getting to the point that moms were asking when the party was....uhhh that was fun to explain! I just flat out have not been in the "party making mood" this year. So instead of doing a party, we let her pick 1 friend to bring with either Jared or I to go see Hotel Transylvania 2 in theatres. WAY less costly than throwing a party and SIGNIFICANTLY less work for me! Addie brought her friend, Abbie with her and it was really cute listening to them chatting about school in the back seat. They had a fun time and it was fun being the parent to spend time with Addie and her friend. With Adelyn being in full day kinder, I feel like I don't get any 1 on 1 time with her anymore.
For her family party, we tried to make it as celebratory as possible since she appreciates things like that. So Jared and I decorated the house and I slaved over making homemade cinnamon rolls (which turned out mediocre so I'll never be making them again!) and my brothers came over to eat pizza and watch her open presents. My parents weren't able to come since my sister had her baby two days before and they were spending time helping out in California! Addie was really glad we could video chat them and see her Auntie and baby cousin too :).
Adelyn loves kindergarten but has started getting a little sad about the days I volunteer whenever it's time for me to leave. Not sure where this random burst of sadness is coming from since she's never been a clingy child. But she also has been saying things like, "I just want to stay home with you" so i think it might just be a long day for her. She loves PE and art, and music and does really well in school. I'm proud of how well she listens and does her work.
Dallin had his 4th birthday during the summer, but I'm sure I probably forgot to post about it. We had spent the week in Newport Beach and were driving back to AZ on his birthday so my mom was nice enough to make his treat and decorate. He loved his Yoda cinnamon roll! All of my family came over including their girlfriends, so I'm sure he felt super loved!
 Dallin is doing really well in preschool, although he definitely has a stubborn streak sometimes and tells Mrs. Lori "I don't want to do that" and will try and play instead. He's gotten better though, and I think the show-downs are fewer and farther between (i hope!). He loves his siblings fiercely and we've finally figured out that his love language is indeed touch- which explains all that hands on "loving" (patting, smacking,hugging, touching) all the time. I've been working on reading and recognizing letters with him and he's doing fantastic! He still loves Star Wars very much and talks about it all the time, though he doesn't wear his Yoda hat very often anymore, I think it was making him feel funny that everyone always made comments about it. Dallin has become a skilled colorer and cutter- he and Addie can sit at the table drawing and cutting for very long periods of times!

I will be 28 weeks tomorrow! Crazy how soon we'll have another baby to love in such a short amount of time. The picture below was taken when I was 20 weeks, so you can imagine the growth since then :). I've been asked if we were expecting twins, if I am due any day and one lady in our ward ran into me at the grocery store and said how shocked she was that I was still up and moving around. When I told her I was due in February- how could I just sit in bed for that long, she was so surprised- she thought I was due any day.
25 weeks...don't mind Trevin playing on the toilet ha!
Jared just got back from his hunting trip with his dad and was very successful this year! His dad will be set on meat for quite some time! He also helped Kent fix one of his off roaders and helped out with the roof- sounds like a relaxing vacation to me ha! ;) But Jared loved spending time out there and seeing his dad. Unfortunately, the timing didn't work out and his brothers were only able to come the week after Jared left. Hopefully we'll be seeing them and their families in the summer though when we fly to Florida!
He also had his company party last month and got recognized for being with the company 5 years! Congrats hun!