Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Introducing Lady Lydia!

This is sad that it's been nearly 12 weeks (3 months!?!) since our precious girl has entered our family, but let me just tell you that having 4 kids is a little bit like constant chaos! I felt like I needed to type out her birthing story even if it is a little late.

Lydia was due February 10 and was measuring pretty large so we decided to get induced a week early instead of taking chances of her being huge. We were came to the hospital at our induction time- 4 am- but were told we would not be taken care of immediately since there were other women to tend to having babies at the same time. So we got into our room and stayed there for probably an hour or more before we saw anyone...that was pretty annoying- it would have been nice if they'd called to tell us that so we could have slept at home comfortably for a little while longer- but whatever! They finally got around to inserting the cervix ripening pill around 6am and after that it became a L O N G waiting game...literally! Jared and I played games while we were waiting- by that point it was hard to sleep since it was super light in the room and our brains were telling us we should be awake. So it sort of became a day date! We watched "into the woods" and a bunch of other movies the hospital had to choose from. Eventually they gave me pitocin at 10:15 am and somehow that slowed things down even more. I was feeling contractions before that, but after they gave me pitocin, I stopped feeling them at all. Then, at 12:30 the nurse told me that my doctor was coming in to break my water, and that the anesthesiologist was heading into two back to back c sections. So I could either get the epidural now or in 2+ hours. That was really frustrating for me because I like to wait until I can't stand the pain any longer and THEN get the epidural- but I wasn't feeling anything! But on the other side, I've been able to feel the nasty pulling sensation of the doctor breaking my water WITH and epidural and there was NO WAY i was going to feel it without! So, I decided to get the epidural.

Even though that was frustrating for me, it was nice to get some sleep. At 4pm I was only at a 5/6 and 90% effaced. They checked me again at 5:50pm and I hadn't progressed any further.  Keep in mind all the nurses and my doctor thought this baby would go fast since it was my fourth delivery. Jared and I tried to convince them it wouldn't be, but they were adamant.  So, when I wasn't progressing as quickly as they'd anticipated, they were getting a little itchy. My doctor was getting suspicious that maybe the baby had gotten stuck and might need help, so she started talking c section. She said if I didn't progress at all in the next few hours, that could need to happen. I distinctly remember her leaving and Jared turning to me asking, "So....what do you know about c sections??" to which i promptly replied, "I KNOW I DON'T WANT ONE!". Having a c section has always been my worst nightmare and I've had a fear of them and a possibility of one each time we've been in labor. I was pretty scared my nightmare would become a reality this time. 

By some miracle, a different nurse came in to check on me and said, "Your'e still pregnant??? Let's get you outta here!" and immediately became my new best friend lol. She got me one of those peanut looking yoga balls, tucked it between my legs, and rolled me to my side. Within 45 minutes I made progress and only had to do that a couple more times before I was at a firm 10! I will forever be grateful to that nurse who had enough sense just to MOVE me! The nurse I'd had the entire day, wasn't very proactive and literally had me sitting in the same position since I'd gotten the epidural, which (as it was explained to by the second nurse) was not prodding my body into any action. After moving me to side to side, things picked up quickly. Jared kept everyone informed with texts:

6:30 pm- serious contractions 7 cm 0 station
8:12 pm- "10 cm 100% effaced still zero station, needs to be at a 2 station to start pushing. We're very close"
8:51 pm- "We started to push but the baby started to come too fast (DR isn't here yet) so we had to stop...not long now"
9:36 pm- Lydia Noelle Bass born 8 lbs 11 oz 20 inches long!

She looked SO BIG when she came out- we were surprise she wasn't over 10 lbs! But I was relieved that she wasn't :)

Lydia has been such an easy going, pleasant baby. We all adore her and the kids literally cant stay away- they're literally all over her constantly and I have to pay extra attention to make sure she's never left unattended! They love her to pieces!

We are so grateful she came to our family safe and sound!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Last day as family of 5

Tomorrow is the day! There are a million posts I should be catching up on, but I'm deciding to ignore them and just write about the change that will be happening tomorrow for our family. I'm getting induced early tomorrow morning and will no longer be a family of 5! This baby has been looking big for a long while- at 36 weeks they predicted her weight to be 7.2 lbs. and my belly was measuring 40 weeks when i was only 37. After she told me that, I no longer cared about being induced a week early...I've been feeling larger than normal and that only confirmed it. 

So here we are! A couple weeks later and we're having ourselves our fourth baby! Trevin has been having an on and off fever for the last 2 and a half days so that is not helping anything but there's not much we can do other than pray. Addie and Dallin are really excited to meet their sister tomorrow so that helps me to keep optimistic and look forward to holding a sweet new bundle of Bass.

Since this is our last child, I wanted to write down a couple of things Ill miss about being pregnant. 
- Taking the pregnancy test and having that initial excitement of knowing you are growing an actual human!
- Thinking of a good opportunity to tell Jared and get excited about that
- Seeing that first jelly bean ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy test! There really is something there!!
- Finding out the gender!
- Having the 20 week ultrasound and seeing him/her moving healthy and happily inside of you
-Feeling those first movements
- Making predictions of when the baby will come
- Buying baby clothes here and there
- Organizing the dresser, washing and folding clothes and imagining what the baby will look like wearing them
- Feeling the BIG movements and watching her/him shake your entire stomach
- **story** one night I got up to pee (a frequent occurrence) and she was kinda stuck on the side I'd been laying on. I could actually feel her there and specifically her foot outline! It was the craziest thing to sit there in the middle of the night and actually feel her foot- which was pretty large i might add!
- Getting an induction date and getting excited as it quickly approaches
- Seeing the kids be so loving and excited about having a new baby. They've been very fun since they understand this time. Every one of them wants to feel her, kiss my stomach, give my stomach hugs and Addie even tells the baby goodbye when she goes to school, complete with a hug and kiss!

We pray the delivery and recovery go well and are looking forward to greeting our newest member into the family!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ending 2015 on A Good Note

Whew! Now that the holidays are done and gone, it's hard to recall all that we did since they seemed to be a big blur. Of course the rush after Thanksgiving just snowballed with all the parties, events, and light viewing. But here are some highlights.

 ~Jared's cousin Allison and husband Gabe came and stayed with us for Thanksgiving
~ After 7.5 years of marriage, we finally upgraded to a bigger TV
~ Got to go on the free train ride to see lights (except me- expectant mothers were not allowed ugh!)
~ Saw the boat light show at the Mundy's house and got stuck on the lake when their boat stopped working
~ Jared and I got to see the new Star Wars movie with Kara and Garrett
~ Addie had a kindergarten Christmas show
~ Kara and Garrett came for Christmas with baby Gwen! Kara stayed and extra week and a half so we got to soak in all the fun of her and Gweny Bird being in town!
~ Addie learned how to tie her shoes
~We bought bunk beds for the boys room!
~Dallin learned to ride a bike without training wheels
~ Jared and I went to his rockin company Christmas party inside a barn with country music playing and line dancing...Jared was in country heaven!

Now that all of the fun stuff has been made mention of, I wanted to include an update of the kids before life started getting to hectic again (or I forget)
Addie: Is obsessed with picking a name for the baby. Probably every day she gives me a new idea for a name! We've had a name picked out since we found out the gender, but it's fun to hear her suggestions! Right now, her leading name is Alice (from Wonderland...) I told her she should save it for her own baby ;). She is beyond excited for her sister to come and having Gwen around showed me how sweet she'll be with her sister. Over the break I started teaching her to tie her shoes. This was a big fight at first since it's so frustrating at the beginning. She fortunately has caught on and can pretty much do them on her own now with a little assistance here and there. She loves math and likes to read (when it's easy) but gets irritated when it doesn't come as naturally as she'd like. We're working on reading though, and I think she is doing really well! 
Addie had her first field trip and I got to chaperone! We went to the Musical Instrument Museum and it was awesome!

Dallin: Is still learning to read through a book a friend gave me and is doing really well! He has a short attention span, so most days I'm just glad he'll let us get through the lesson for the day, write his practice letters, and go through his flashcards. Jared taught him to ride a bike withought training wheels over the break since Santa brought him a Kylo Wren bike. Dallin was a little lazy at first and would completely stop pedaling anytime Jared let go of the bike- so that was frustrating for them- but eventually he started to catch on. The last time they went to practice, Dallin was doing really well! I love the confidence boost children get when they learn how to accomplish something they thought was too hard! Dallin is still our most challenging personality most days. He is so kind and loyal and loving, but has a hard time focusing and following directions. His love language is definitely touch and so that makes things irritating sometimes because he always has to be patting, rubbing, or touching someone. When Gwen was here, it was evident to me that I will have both Trevin AND Dallin constantly harassing the baby....I'd hoped Dallin would have outgrown that by now, but alas he has not. He loves too deeply to not be constantly involved in what everyone else is doing ha! :) Dallin has also joined the "what to name the baby" game and his one and only suggestion is Princess Leia!
Dallin got to talk to Santa on the day of his preschool Christmas party!
Trevin: Still fears any living animal including bugs. Whenever there is a fly in our house, he gets his game face on and repeatedly tells (and acts out) how to smoosh it. If we ever got a pet, I'm convinced I would have to hold him all day long since he doesn't want anything to do with them! Trevin has a knack for colors and knows most of them already(and has for awhile now), neither of his siblings did at this age! He can also identify pairs and loves having things with two....2 cookies, 2 trains, 2 papers etc.. Trevin is a very active boy and loves to jump on the trampoline for long periods of time. He has been able to jump with both feet together for a long time now, which helps him jump higher on the tramp. He loves playing outside and enjoys sports and trains. He thinks rain is very exciting and looks for "Addie's bus" (any yellow bus) wherever we go. This funny boy refers to himself as "eby" (Trevy) which makes me laugh a little...his siblings mostly call him Trevy....and now that I think about it, I think Jared and I do as well. Trevin likes playing legos with his siblings and Santa brought some more to him so that there are more to go around!
Trevin fell and his the corner of one of the kitchen cabinets :(
Jared & Aubrey: Jared got a very generous "thank you" from the company this year for all his hard work. It has been really nice that his company seems to go out of their way to let him know they like his hard work and that they value him and his commitment to the company. I hear nothing but praise from his co workers at any given party get together! Jared got to go see Star Wars with his friend David Kim on the first weekend it was out and had a lot of time getting some rare "guy time". His busy work schedule, calling, and family life keep him occupied to the point that it's farther and fewer in between that he gets time to do recreational activities. I am now 35 weeks and starting to get stressed and overwhelmed with the idea of adding an unpredictable newborn to our already busy schedules. This seems to happen right before every baby comes, but I'm particularly more nervous considering our lack of flexibility with having to be to places on time (school and such). I know things will be what they will be, but it's hard not to stress! At least it will be nice not having back aches and an awkward body anymore! I'm still in book club and enjoy reading the different genres and viewpoints. I'm also still the relief society pianist and love it! 
Jared and I at the ward party
Jared got to go shooting with a friend! Watch out folks, his aim is true!
Picture taken around 33 weeks or so