Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Last day as family of 5

Tomorrow is the day! There are a million posts I should be catching up on, but I'm deciding to ignore them and just write about the change that will be happening tomorrow for our family. I'm getting induced early tomorrow morning and will no longer be a family of 5! This baby has been looking big for a long while- at 36 weeks they predicted her weight to be 7.2 lbs. and my belly was measuring 40 weeks when i was only 37. After she told me that, I no longer cared about being induced a week early...I've been feeling larger than normal and that only confirmed it. 

So here we are! A couple weeks later and we're having ourselves our fourth baby! Trevin has been having an on and off fever for the last 2 and a half days so that is not helping anything but there's not much we can do other than pray. Addie and Dallin are really excited to meet their sister tomorrow so that helps me to keep optimistic and look forward to holding a sweet new bundle of Bass.

Since this is our last child, I wanted to write down a couple of things Ill miss about being pregnant. 
- Taking the pregnancy test and having that initial excitement of knowing you are growing an actual human!
- Thinking of a good opportunity to tell Jared and get excited about that
- Seeing that first jelly bean ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy test! There really is something there!!
- Finding out the gender!
- Having the 20 week ultrasound and seeing him/her moving healthy and happily inside of you
-Feeling those first movements
- Making predictions of when the baby will come
- Buying baby clothes here and there
- Organizing the dresser, washing and folding clothes and imagining what the baby will look like wearing them
- Feeling the BIG movements and watching her/him shake your entire stomach
- **story** one night I got up to pee (a frequent occurrence) and she was kinda stuck on the side I'd been laying on. I could actually feel her there and specifically her foot outline! It was the craziest thing to sit there in the middle of the night and actually feel her foot- which was pretty large i might add!
- Getting an induction date and getting excited as it quickly approaches
- Seeing the kids be so loving and excited about having a new baby. They've been very fun since they understand this time. Every one of them wants to feel her, kiss my stomach, give my stomach hugs and Addie even tells the baby goodbye when she goes to school, complete with a hug and kiss!

We pray the delivery and recovery go well and are looking forward to greeting our newest member into the family!