Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Introducing Lady Lydia!

This is sad that it's been nearly 12 weeks (3 months!?!) since our precious girl has entered our family, but let me just tell you that having 4 kids is a little bit like constant chaos! I felt like I needed to type out her birthing story even if it is a little late.

Lydia was due February 10 and was measuring pretty large so we decided to get induced a week early instead of taking chances of her being huge. We were came to the hospital at our induction time- 4 am- but were told we would not be taken care of immediately since there were other women to tend to having babies at the same time. So we got into our room and stayed there for probably an hour or more before we saw anyone...that was pretty annoying- it would have been nice if they'd called to tell us that so we could have slept at home comfortably for a little while longer- but whatever! They finally got around to inserting the cervix ripening pill around 6am and after that it became a L O N G waiting game...literally! Jared and I played games while we were waiting- by that point it was hard to sleep since it was super light in the room and our brains were telling us we should be awake. So it sort of became a day date! We watched "into the woods" and a bunch of other movies the hospital had to choose from. Eventually they gave me pitocin at 10:15 am and somehow that slowed things down even more. I was feeling contractions before that, but after they gave me pitocin, I stopped feeling them at all. Then, at 12:30 the nurse told me that my doctor was coming in to break my water, and that the anesthesiologist was heading into two back to back c sections. So I could either get the epidural now or in 2+ hours. That was really frustrating for me because I like to wait until I can't stand the pain any longer and THEN get the epidural- but I wasn't feeling anything! But on the other side, I've been able to feel the nasty pulling sensation of the doctor breaking my water WITH and epidural and there was NO WAY i was going to feel it without! So, I decided to get the epidural.

Even though that was frustrating for me, it was nice to get some sleep. At 4pm I was only at a 5/6 and 90% effaced. They checked me again at 5:50pm and I hadn't progressed any further.  Keep in mind all the nurses and my doctor thought this baby would go fast since it was my fourth delivery. Jared and I tried to convince them it wouldn't be, but they were adamant.  So, when I wasn't progressing as quickly as they'd anticipated, they were getting a little itchy. My doctor was getting suspicious that maybe the baby had gotten stuck and might need help, so she started talking c section. She said if I didn't progress at all in the next few hours, that could need to happen. I distinctly remember her leaving and Jared turning to me asking, "So....what do you know about c sections??" to which i promptly replied, "I KNOW I DON'T WANT ONE!". Having a c section has always been my worst nightmare and I've had a fear of them and a possibility of one each time we've been in labor. I was pretty scared my nightmare would become a reality this time. 

By some miracle, a different nurse came in to check on me and said, "Your'e still pregnant??? Let's get you outta here!" and immediately became my new best friend lol. She got me one of those peanut looking yoga balls, tucked it between my legs, and rolled me to my side. Within 45 minutes I made progress and only had to do that a couple more times before I was at a firm 10! I will forever be grateful to that nurse who had enough sense just to MOVE me! The nurse I'd had the entire day, wasn't very proactive and literally had me sitting in the same position since I'd gotten the epidural, which (as it was explained to by the second nurse) was not prodding my body into any action. After moving me to side to side, things picked up quickly. Jared kept everyone informed with texts:

6:30 pm- serious contractions 7 cm 0 station
8:12 pm- "10 cm 100% effaced still zero station, needs to be at a 2 station to start pushing. We're very close"
8:51 pm- "We started to push but the baby started to come too fast (DR isn't here yet) so we had to stop...not long now"
9:36 pm- Lydia Noelle Bass born 8 lbs 11 oz 20 inches long!

She looked SO BIG when she came out- we were surprise she wasn't over 10 lbs! But I was relieved that she wasn't :)

Lydia has been such an easy going, pleasant baby. We all adore her and the kids literally cant stay away- they're literally all over her constantly and I have to pay extra attention to make sure she's never left unattended! They love her to pieces!

We are so grateful she came to our family safe and sound!