Friday, January 6, 2017

Beginning 2017

How another year has gone by, is beyond me! My baby will be one in only 4 short weeks. I admit that I feel pretty guilty that I have let this blog slide, and by doing so, have lacked keeping a good record of Lydia's fun stages of babyhood. So this is my humble attempt for a catch-up on the highlights from the past year.
Out biking with our neighbors, which is one of our favorite things
Addie is now 7 and so excited to get baptized on her upcoming birthday. She is a stellar reader and as a first grader, reads at a second grade level. She has changed a lot this year and is constantly surprising me with the things she says and understands. This year for Christmas she wanted a Hatchimal, which we did not realize was literally one of the top toys of the season. It was a JOKE to get (or pay $250 on Amazon for it) but Santa came through and waited in line at Target(3 different locations) at 5am and came out triumphant! Addie is the instigator of all things silly and gets in trouble for getting everyone all wound up these days. She loves writing the family sweet letters, and got really interested in playing dreidel when they learned about it in school. It is her game of choice lately. Addie also lost her first 2 bottom teeth this year so the visit of the tooth fairy was quite the excitement! For her 7th birthday she wanted to get her ears pierced so that was another fun activity (not sure who was more excited, her or I ;)).

Dallin turned 5 last year and started kindergarten! We were pretty on the fence about whether he was ready or not, but I was concerned that if we waited a year, all his eagerness about joining the kinder club would fade. He was very motivated to have good behavior and progress academically with the idea of going to kinder, so we didn't want to discourage that by making him repeat material he already knew in preschool. So far, it's been the best choice! He loves going, all the socializing, his teacher, art class, music class- it's been the best thing for him! His reading is coming along nicely and he catches on nicely in math also! Dallin really loves coloring and drawing and I love his creativity. He got asked to put his work on the coveted art teacher's board (he refused, thinking it'd be better suited at home ha). He prints off pictures daily and colors them with perfection and pride. Dallin is very capable with the computer and Wii consule- almost too much- and I have to pry him off a lot of times. He went on his annual father son outing and they brought the neighbors along! He loves the time he gets to spend with Jared. Dallin had his Christmas musical program and flagpole program and his personality radiated through- this boy is a pure joy to watch! I had several parent tell me how entertaining he was and that they probably recorded him more than their own child! Ha! I always tell people, he's a little person with a big personality!

Trevin turned 3 this past year, and is VERY proud of it! He got potty trained around 2 1/2 and hardly had any accidents- he was a natural! Trevy turned from a very observant, quieter person into a full out LOUD, whinny, and very detailed storyteller! His stories crack me up, and he knows how to speak up now- I think being a middle child has taught him that he's better compete with the older kids if he's going to be heard. He's not afraid to stand his ground! The whining and stubbornness is not my favorite attribute of any three year old, and Trevin is no exception. I'm pretty happy on the days I remember this is only a stage (and a definite least favorite one for me). Trevin still loves his trains and cars and likes sports too.He also loves Star Wars, guns, and imaginative play. He's turned very competitive and wants to do everything his older siblings do. Trevin is a super deep sleeper and falls asleep in the car often. For several weeks he decided sleeping in Dallin's bed was a good idea and I thought it was pretty cute- although lifting in back into the bottom bunk was no laughing matter- the kids a log! He's become very close to his friends(Zalan, Henry, and Sergio) this year and wants them to play almost daily. I'm thinking preschool is a MUST for him next year since I think he really requires more socializing that Lydia and I can give him at home. I was hoping to keep him home an extra year since he has a late birthday, but I don't feel like the extra time at home will benefit either of us because he is just plain bored.

He fell asleep in the car and I moved him in to the cart!
Sleeping in the top bunk together!

Lydia just turned 11 months this week and it sure has flown by! I'm torn between mourning my last baby growing up, and wishing her to catch-up with the other kids because it's just so hard having her schedule conflict the others. She's been so fun to see evolve! At first, she was such a funny baby- she'd just melt into you like a marshmallow and at the same time was a sack of potatoes because she just didn't care to hold her own like my others did. She didn't start holding herself up really well until she was probably 6 months and was sitting up unassisted. Now she's a hoot and loves to tackle, wrestle and rip out anyone's hair within grabbing range! There's so many times I'd be holding her while brushing someone's teeth and she'd all of a sudden dive for their hair and RIP as hard as she could all the while laughing her head off! This girl thinks life is one big game and is always up for a good giggle. If she wakes up and no one has noticed me holding her, she'll start making this funny sound like, "hey guys! I'm awake and ready to play!!" and eggs them on until they acknowledge her and start playing. She walks really well now and loves all the newfound places to get in to! We just love our sweet and silly Lyddie Lou!

As for Jared and I, He's still busy being elder's quorum president and working and I'm still busy being a mom to 4 crazies. We have some eventful news though, we will be moving to Colorado shortly after school lets out! I'm torn between sadness of the friends and family we leave behind here and excitement for a new house and John Denver lifestyles. Jared is excited but also intimidated thinking of all the new responsibilities of starting the company in a new location. His company is currently only in Arizona and this will be the first time branching out to another state since the company was founded. So lately our *free* (ha) time has been spent going through things, making upgrades and improvements to the house, etc. The painters were outside painting the exterior while I was blogging today! I've hated the house color since we moved in and it only took us 5 years to change it- it kills me that we change things before we are leaving the house. Like our back gate that has been SO hard to move, now works marvelously after Jared and my dad built a new one.Go figure! 

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Ashley Cut said...

Aubrey! What a beautiful family you have! I was going through some old things and came across a yearbook from '97! Looking through, I came across your picture. I feel terrible we lost touch. Congratulations and best wishes to you and the family. ~Ashley Cutruzzula (old neighbor on Alder Ave)